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Insurance products ground game is the latest podcast from the superseded press posted by AP's Julie pace ground game discusses election strategy all through primary season download it wherever you get your podcasts one update from the Gruber law offices one call that's all sports desk here's Greg Massey well the NFL draft will be conducted in a virtual format according to commissioner Roger Goodell T. personnel will work from their homes on draft night begins April twenty third Packers on the thirtieth overall selection in the first round no group gatherings will be permitted for the event Tom Brady dates a water heater in Peterson among eight unanimous selections to the twenty tends NFL all decade team as announced by the NFL and pro football hall of fame Aaron Rodgers joins Brady the quarterback category but was not a unanimous selection von Miller Aaron Donald Joe Thomas Marshall again in Justin Tucker were the other unanimous picks well if all were normal it's championship would be awarded in men's college basketball tonight in Atlanta the it's a double layer three weeks removed from the decision to cancel the turn of it before it even started I was state athletic director Jamie Pollard was in those meetings I think it's a great perspective get done how far we've come in three weeks is when we made that decision Greg at the monumental the money seemed insurmountable and now you look back three weeks later and that the state didn't even seem like it was that big of a deal Barbara just a minor today's power lunch at ninety four five ESPN check out the complete interview online it was constant on demand dot com in just a little clarification of what's going on in.

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