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To slide down the line so far out of possibly one down where we were and i'm gonna get naked. Are you going to get your. Are you gonna run down to the true. I think you remember. Do you remember this. I'll tell you there's one more excellent so we're sitting up in the very back this bleachers and now were sitting in the four dollar seats with all the nineteen year olds who clearly recognize us from mtv. Because wars and they're like what are you guys doing sitting on sitting on a bench with everyone. And then i said well i two tickets were hard to come by and then the the person in front of me. I thought that was funny there in front of it and turned around and said i got mine today. I think we said. Where'd you get from the radio station. And i was like what the fuck is wrong with. Mtv they're such gotta say. I gotta say that word stuff with the now is very different regime and now it is. It is wrong with them now. I've sat with regular people. They treat me what was their deal. If here's what. I pissed us off back that regime. This is now fifteen years ago. I think hated us. I thought that from the beginning. I little point. I think they acted that way toward ever know but they were like we were. We were some sort of out of control. Misogynistic over overly sexualizing. They needed the program. They didn't understand the show. They thought with this show had the grind on at that point and we were the sort of this sort of outcasted program that unfortunately it was successful needed to be contained. Eric niece yeah. God did they let him go down. The road carpet obviously was destined for great. Yeah it was really telling the people in your own doing successful shows that you can't walk down the red carpet. And that the i they didn't even invite us we shot out of. La the award show was in la and they offered us no tickets and then when we asked for them. They're like My really my sense was that they like us in like the show and we you know what it was. I heard that because we weren't being produced by only showed not by ramsey. Weren't there so they wanted to get rid of us. But it was doing too well so they had this kind of hatred that we sort of had to suck we who they they did not dislike us as people. They just didn't like the whole situation. We had to suckle that up. I think there were total assets. Total assholes question about vh1. Now there's been so much in the news lately about celebrity rehab jennifer capriati and i know you involved casting. I even heard. I feel nothing. Although they called me today and said we're starting on saturday. They must have gotten cabinet then. They called me today and said no. We're not what. I'm a little break down myself. You're just waking moment that you'll be teela tequila. I all i know is the last time they were so upset by the leaks that this time. Nobody knows who the people shanna saying former mate. I think she was talking about it. She's boy bonnie pointer of the pointer. Sisters you know more than i do. Where'd you get this list leaks. Was this maybe the previous. But this is a different cabin are trying to get capri riady. Be good She's fascinating Yeah i think be interesting and if somebody says which pointer sisters bonnie pointer bonnie pointer the answers who cares right. One sister had to one guy then the other two. You didn't really want. She's one.

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