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I'm in a whole judgment on all of these players in any includes dan moore junior based on the fact that i have not seen what these coaches are going to be doing how they're going to be handling players and so for me i think about this. I say you know what let's just let's just take it easy here and let's see how does let's see how goes. Let's not jump the gun. But i understand in terms of my confidence level in the tackled apps. It's great it's real. It's not great but at the same time the fact that while you bring joe egg. That's why you now bringing a chaz green someone that has experience that can be that added value depth at the position. Then as what position group do you have full confidence in going into the season. Also do you think we'll see a lot of nausea harris during the preseason or do you think run a few plays each preseason game then use the hashtag right crew. Thank you very much many. He uses the hash. I love a underdog season. I love those now. The question was what position. Dr full confidence in. Easy defensive line. They're all coming back. The antisocial lulu cam hayward steph onto a. They're all back. I you giving me looking at to death. I mean that's all there. A carlos davis isaiah bugs Henry mondavi makes the team. They allowed her milk. Obviously a draft pick. So that's easy for me in terms of position grew veterans confidence in in terms of nausea. Harris do i think they are going to utilize him in the preseason. Think yes. I think they have to. I think they should be smart with how they use him. But i think you have to Yeah you played for alabama which is the best college football program in the in the united states but my goodness the nfl. It might be closed but it's not the nfl. He has to get himself. Ready in acclimated to the national football league to the professional game the speed of the game. And that's going to be really important And so ben. I do think they're going to use nagae. I think he'll play. Probably if you series in the first game a play 'em missa quarter in the second and third and they give off the fourth will seat. It depends on how he how he's running how he looks if he looks ready. Why risk injury. That's all All right let's go to the next question. Anyone wants to chime in on spotify greener baptist. Put it in his requests. Be glad to have you on. In the meantime we're gonna continue to fly through these rider. Go rider died crew questions easy for me to say on twitter. All right brian. Haynes what is the steelers strongest and weakest units on the team in your opinion based on backups. Okay so the strongest units in weakest units. Let's go with the weakest units right. Now i'm going to have to go with the cornerbacks actually. Let's be more specific in terms of defensive backs. Let's go with a safety if we're talking about backups. Think about after minka fitzpatrick and or terrell and a half miles killebrew antoine brooks junior marcus allen. Who's actually labeled as a linebacker. Now who did they have a pretty weak depth for in my opinion the strongest the strongest unit. I i'm going to have to go probably with the same answer. I just gave ben. Which was the defensive front. I think the defense front stack depth in cases injury. I have no issues with the defensive front. At all i actually. Here's here's a another one wide. Receiver love the death of wide receiver. You wanna sleep or pick. I'll go running back. I actually liked the depth of running back a lot of people say jeff. You're crazy but i do like the depth running back for short. Alright let's go to daniel. He says do you think that. Melvin ingram stealing. Alex highsmith job. This season i kind of answered this in the first part daniel that in case you missed it or you just didn't maybe made. It wasn't clear enough. I don't think the stealing his job. I do think that he might be taking some snaps away. But i don't think that's based on performance. I don't think that's based on experience based on the steelers trying to put the best team together possible and so when you look at it that way. There's there's no way you can save. Melvin ingram doesn't help them be a better defense. That doesn't help them be better team. It didn't give them a better chance to win he does. He's that kind of player if he can stay healthy so i don't think that he's a threat talib's job it's only a one year contract if anything highsmith will benefit from ingram being. They're not just learning from veteran. Not just having him helping him out in terms of giving him some tricks of the trade but also the fact that highsmith now can sit back in. He and wife both can take a break if necessary in a viable backups. I don't think i don't think it's a. It's a threat at all a bird kid says what do you think the offensive line will look like. Will they be better than people think again. That's tough to answer. It's really tough to answer. Considering the fact that the steelers had that adrian klemm the new offense vine cashmere candidate new offensive coordinator. I don't know if anyone really knows what to expect. I do think that they're going to be very good. Run blocking group into those well for the steelers being able to actually run the ball even just a little bit which is better than what they did last year. The question for me in a concern for me is pass blocking can they keep enron this upright. Can they run pass. Plays band doesn't have to throw the ball in two point. Three seconds or whatever was last season. That's going to be the big question mark for me but i think this offensive line will be better than people think. Will they be great. Well probably not not at least right away. But i think they'll be better than people think. Okay john reynolds has correct me. If i'm wrong but kansas city won the super bowl year after getting rid of steven nelson his first season as sealer. Maybe it's a nelson problem. Hashtag writer died crew. Thank you very much john. Maybe steven nelson problem. I don't know I know that those people said that they had no problem with they. Have the problem with steven nelson. Like wasn't a locker room. Issue wasn't a cancer in the locker room or anything like that but still it's it's something to note eight absolutely something to note. Se hoagies and steelers is who who did we sign used. Really funny will ferrell gift from Shoot the movie..

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