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So I wouldn't know I wouldn't wear polo. I wouldn't wear a collared shirt, I would just wear a black T shirt, and jeans and sneakers. Okay. Because I think that's like you can wear that out to dinner. And it wouldn't be absurd. Like if you wear a watch if you don't wear a watch not really cool. You wear a watch though with that outfit. You look you look like all right? This guy. He owns some stuff. Clearly he dressed a little bit down. I feel like the richest people dress down the most. Yeah. Right. I think they put less emphasis on their what they look like in more into their business. It's very true. That's what I tell myself. Would you rather end all wars or end world hunger? Donate hunger. I need food. I mean end hunger. Yeah, I I would probably be hungry because I think that affects more people because wars are not are there's a lot of theirs. I'm not a smart, man. You know, there is periods of time where there is war. Right. There's always hunger. So if we could end that that's true. That's nice. I think that goes a longer way. Yeah. If everyone's e I think we're in the green if we go hunger. I think that too. I think that to everyone eats everyone everyone needs if you can relive the last year, we kind of did that on the new year CEPA sewed if you had to lose two limbs your legs your arms, which ones are going lakes. I'm going likes to because then I can get those two magic leaks. Give Madge clicks. What would that Forrest Gump? Dan, Lieutenant day. What are you doing? I am going to be calling. You captain boy get outta. Here. Course. Don't talk to him like that you call him stupid. He's not stove it. It was a good guy. We'll tell you. There was good guys had some problems. He made his peace with God. He did make his peace of God. God, thank you may peace. Go here. His please gall Lieutenant Niamh. Lieutenant Dan ice cream dad is crave. Forrest Gump is the most absurd movie not only are the shots. Amazing like on the running montage, but the soundtrack, I know. Unbelievable. Run. Dune withdrew dawn. Fucking Bob Seger to on their to the whole fucking. Jimi hendrix. What's your favorite album of all time, my favorite album of all time? Putting on the spot. I'll give you some seconds to think about a hotel California by the eagles, but your favorite album. Yeah. It's the third highest selling helm of all time. You know? We're number one is the eagles greatest hits. They just pass them loaded into believed the Beatles. Or maybe thriller thriller is what it was. It was really good. Like, I grew up listening to my mom had it on vinyl. But like I say I've never listened to thriller all the way through it's good. I'm I'm assuming but. Of the white album. Probably. Ooh. I remember at LSU Vassall on that or or abbey Abbey Road. Yeah. Because my mom. When I was younger strawberry, fields, strawberries fees. Because at the end you had like the mix like Paul is Dir everybody thought like Paul was dead like when I came out. But. Between the Abbey Road. I'm gonna go Abbey Road because it's like my mom's favorite Beatles album. So I'll say Abbey Road hotel, California. If you guys have not heard it. It's by the eagles, obviously, hotel, California is like the single off of it Spanish versions. Great to this. So hotel, California great song, obviously. But the reason why I love that album is because the amount of music on it. It's like absurd you have songs like life in the fast lane, which is like really like classic rock star name. Whatever is like a crazy rock song. Whatever then you have songs like wasted time that it it. Almost sounds like was I don't guitar hero to wishes time wasn't on the fast lane one life in the fast lane was but wasted time. When you first put it on it sounds like I believe I can fly by our Kelly who by the way, shots humanity..

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