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I and he guesses guys. Toonces the driving cat from definitely an animal a definitely a baby animal or an animal. That sounds like a baby. Human saying the word high or bird imitating alright. So let's get into it. So paul gibson paul onum sorry. It's paul gibson and his email address started he says. My guess is a penguin chick. Interacting with the parent longtime listener from concord north carolina. So he says loved the show all the hosts especially keira all paul. Paul yup says it carries strain up just like that. The chop live over here haberdasher where it was all right guys. Is this penguin. No it is not have. I heard a penguin burgess penguin penguin handle at this point. It's very likely. I've heard penguins. But i don't think they sounded like that but i don't know but this is not correct. I will have to listen to penguins kinds at make different noises and all that very complicated penguins. You know very complicated. So we're going to move onto william bear and he wrote. Hey jay checking in from pittsburgh here. I believe the noisy. This week is a grey parrot or bud gray gar kirk not prepare to read that word at time you halfway gergard sounds like a guy went to college friend. Would yeah right. Hey great parent report irritating noise of a house cat companion. These are not correct. Guesses william. Thank you very much for trying. That is not correct monte hickey. Hey jay i. I'm guessing it sounds like a sea lion cub. My guess is it's annoying. it's mama yes eli. I don't know. I never heard a sea lion. Make any kind of noise like this i again. I have to listen again to see if i can find that. I thought that they'd bark. yeah. I don't know this is more of a purring noise. It's more like a meowing. Here's here's the funny guests of the week. That must be missing something kenny. Our mind wrote in and said longtime. i think. It's a furby doll with low batteries. That's awesome things as scary. Yes furby blinked. There is possessed if anything on the planet was would actually be actually possessed exactly. Yeah it's like. I don't even care what kind of crazy stuff is happening with. A i just don't put it in a furby and then he goes on to say. Ps two congrats to camera on achieving education goals. I found i found because of kara going on. Joe rogan's podcast way back when you inspired me to go back to school and study. Gerontology conclusion of this is that joe. Rogan actually did do something good. This is if that you're rogan actually was involved in something that turned positive that there was that Stopped watches right twice a day right. Took the second all right so we have a winner and i will say that this winter along with many other people guest correctly apparently had it was a thing on the internet last week. I missed it. I usually check for that to see if the noise. He's a thing because a lot of times people will go crazy over the weekend. Julia pulls out her guys look at this and she shows us the video mike noisy from this week all over the place i try i am on read it. I am a daily reddit user. Bob's a daily reddit user. He and i both didn't pick it up. And i wonder i wonder if you were like right ahead of the curve. Like you've got it right before it went viral. But then there's like a delay karen record on a wednesday wouldn't surprise me. I have my finger on the pulse of re- very common. That i'm i'm getting involved in things that become big famous. Thanks all right so anyway. J brooks writes in. This week's noisy is a cheetah meowing and purring. I saw this adorable video on reddit. Bobby saw it on red. You and i missed it all right so so there's two cheetahs here and i thought that this was going to be difficult and that's why even put in the growl at the end. I don't know. Maybe i maybe it was two definitely too easy too. Many people got it. It was my mistake. And i think it's interesting. They are adorable guys. Of course when they when they're moving invite you cheat are not adorable cheetah or heinous heinous. I do not find cheetah to be good looking animals. i do. they're gorgeous. They're like they're like wrong. Cats are like mongoose. There's everything about their proportions is weird and off. Wow give me a leopard. Any day overachieved. I'll give you love it all right so anyway. This noisy we sent in by listeners and carry oriel did get an email from her husband thinking me for playing noisy. Apparently these guys were very excited about that. So thank you for sending that in guys. It's really cool. I look. I appreciate it when people send me in is because it helps it helps me. There's just so please keep doing it. I really do appreciate when you guys send those noisy. And evan loves it when you send in quote so please do that for us. It helps very much. I don't have anything to me. Never bobble start emailing you at like three. In the morning it gets really awkward to start talking about the nude pictures so yes jokes. That's a joke so bradley philpott sent me in this week's noisy..

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