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House members Mario Diaz Balart of Florida and Ben McAdams of Utah say they've tested positive Congress has approved a one hundred billion dollar plus build a boost testing for the virus and guarantee paid sick leave for millions of workers hit by it president trump quickly signed that bill into law meantime the White House is still pressing Congress to pass that potentially trillion dollar rescue package to prop up the economy and speed relief checks to Americans within a couple of weeks the state department says it'll temporarily stopped issuing visas at its embassy season consulates around the world president trump says he'll expand the nation's diagnostic testing capacity and deploy to navy hospital ships one to New York City another to the west coast and and the department of housing and urban development is is suspending foreclosures and evictions through April to help the growing number of Americans who face losing their jobs and missing rent and mortgage payments to members of the house tested positive becoming the first members of Congress known to have contracted the respiratory illness again merry ideas belong to Florida and also been McAdams of Utah develop mild cold like symptoms and they are now quarantining big changes are ahead for a major U. S. stock exchange you York stock exchange plans to temporarily close its trading floor beginning Monday the NYSE will temporarily move to all electronic trading closing its trading floor lower Manhattan as well as the NYSE American options market in New York and the NYSE arca options in San Francisco the move comes after two people a member of the NYSE's trading for community and an employee of the exchange tested positive for gold in nineteen and why is he president Stacey Cunningham says the exchanges will continue to operate under normal trading hours hi Mike Rossi no no the news this morning Jack Evans has the has decided not to run in the special election to fill his seat that he vacated when he resigned back in January however the Washington post reports the former longtime DC council member is still running in the June second democratic primary try to reclaim his former council seat for a permanent four year terms starting in January the winner of the special election will serve out the remainder of Evans charm through them an official investigation found that Evans violated the council's ethics rules and at least eleven instances most of them relating to his private business dealings coming up in money news Wall Street continues its downward spiral there is definitely room at the end I'm Jeff label nine fifty four hi it's.

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