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Next time. The sound of the music or anything. The next. Next. Gimme your manly. Next time. Go. Come on the voice shaming. List? That's pretty good. Are there any tough sounding British guys? Do they even exist? Hard JAMES BOND up on the other guy, you know, Jason strike them. The best. You got. Oh, lord. Really? He's not even English isn't he isn't he talian now is. No, he looks talian. I'm trying to think of a single tough British guy that I can't think of any of them. Are you kidding me? You don't think Jason Statham is tough guy. I guess he is, but he's real real small Linke. Well, these two championship Daiva. It's crazy Daiva. Do you have any big bad British guys? Well, trying to think of. That's right. It's been a while, you know, trying to think this guy who's who's the name of that bucks? That was just trying to defend the world heavyweight title. Is it? I think he's I thought it was British remembers name. I can't either. Guy. No, I know he'd been con what's his face. He's amish. No, he's a bucks a heavyweight books Tyson fury. I think he's British. Gigantic. He's like six eight. Oh, yes. He is big. That's pretty tall. Henry cavill? Cavs American though. I thought it was apparently I don't know where anyone's from. Yeah. This he was born in Manchester. So he's British Henry Cavill is none of no talking about different. Now. Henry Cavill, what a dream boat. Butler. Nydia he's Scottish what about drawer DEP are deal. There's a real bad. Tom, Tom Hoti, see this. You're proving my point. There's all these little dainty, you know, euro, boys. I would not call definitely not definitely not a chance. I would as punch. Lando bloom. Corrected. Yeah. Exactly, exactly tough British guy. Oh, you know, what about bag grills? All six. Well, you know, he could heat stuff. Survives out in the woods. Vinnie Vinnie Jones Vinnie Jones, he was a British football. He was famous grabbing guy's nuts. On the on the failed and biting them, and and headbutting them. Okay now. Okay. Yeah. Now, here's a proper meathead Vinnie. Jones. This guy looks like he looks like an animal. Yeah. Is the skies and these ugly? It looks like he's really good at headbutting. Yep. Okay. You prove me wrong. I never heard this guy. Bob hoskins. You remember him? Bob hoskins. You don't he was in who killed Roger rabbit's, but he's famous for like good. Good friday. Thanks to this guy is your exemplar of English tough. He was for years. He was held out as like, you know, the movie tough guy. He's already he's actually quite a teddy bear. He looks like a hobbit. Frodo Baggins Uncle Sam is real Good Friday. He's he's convincingly tough in that. All right. Well, I'm gonna I'm gonna stop the recording. Because I gotta go pick up my kids here. Here. Mrs tough, British guys. And then she'll say. Hello. Oh, allah. Hello. You feel like you're back in Europe. Now the Queen right? Your mom a little bit. Indeed. Yeah. Yeah. Glasses old English. Ladies look alike. That. That's why you've been bettas to America.

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