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So on Twitter, a law radio, lots of you're sending me now these weird combinations or food delicacies that have to do with peanut butter or new Tele that you would like me to try. That's just making me hungry. So please stop doing that. You're also telling me which game you most want to see this weekend in the NFL. And I'll give you that. It's a it's a bit of a hodgepodge kind of a weird group of games. You don't have scanning through them. There's just a couple of games that are divisional games. So in the NFC west you've got the Los Angeles Rams who already have a three game lead atop their division against the San Francisco forty Niners. You of course, have the game between the Redskins and the Cowboys. That's the nationally televised game coming up on CBS from DC on Sunday afternoon. And then you have Houston and Jacksonville, which is a divisional game. But I'm wondering. If total points could be something like. Twenty one or fewer. Houston has really struggled offensively. In fact, DeShaun Watson been really banged up and last week for the Texans because they have won three in a row. It was about the defense in the special teams as for the Jaguars. They're kind of having a soul searching moment the same way that the Denver Broncos defense just was doing over these past two and half weeks. But that is a divisional game still. And if you look at the AFC south matchups, I'm sorry. The AFC south standings. There are three teams right now at three and three anybody. Anybody wanna stump for the titans? Anybody wanna step for the Texans or how about the Jacksonville Jaguars? I'm not even sure their own coach Doug Marrone wants to stump for them. In fact, he's had a week in which he's been particularly cranky. And it's not as though he's picked on one guy or two guys or even one unit. Nope. He is mad about the whole darn organization. No. Magic pill or magic moment that you can just map your fingers and go the only way to start playing better worker ass off. You gotta work hard. You gotta go back there. And you got to coach better. All right. We got to play better. I've got to do a better job because that's how simple as it is. I mean, it's like. Anything in life? Whether it's football with his family, whether it's work, whatever it may be, you know, sometimes eight. And you go out there, and you and you get your contracting. You like I said before you pulled up I like it because it's challenging what better than hitting adversity coming back from San who. People. Are you know, all the time? Title life. So for me, I like it. I don't wanna be here. Make no mistake about it. Okay. But the one thing you don't have to worry about the one question. You're not gonna get is. Are you comfortable no way anyone in this building should be comfortable? Was a wide ranging commentary by Jags coach Doug Marrone, everything from life philosophies to how they can turn things around too. There's no magic pill or special play too. Sometimes you just have to. Have your bleep. Kicked out of you. And then you're something else believed. In other words, it's probably been a week in which everybody's on edge with the Jaguars. Now, it's still a division. That's wide open. Like we've talked about with the NFC east. That's the thing you can say the team stinks. And right now, they've dropped back to back games. They don't look like the team that beat the New England Patriots in their home opener. And the titans and Texans are right there. And they're not setting the football world on fire either. Let's be honest. And so the the division itself is still there for the taking of the Jaguars. Definitely do still have the talent. They obviously would really like to get Leonard fournette back, but he's out indefinitely another tough blow for them with a run game. So they're searching there. But a couple of good wins and everything looks different. And then Doug Marrone is not sharing with you his life philosophies, it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. We have some really good locker room and press conference Iran's coming out of week fix and getting set for week seven. There was that whole exchange between reporters and Adam gays when they tried to get some information from him about Ryan tannehill. And he was blessing forthcoming, although I just don't I don't think that it was on purpose to deceive anyone I think that it was about him not having any information, and maybe being frustrated that he's in the dark to and that nobody knows what's going on. And also the fact that. They didn't find out until what Sunday morning that Brock. Osweiler is going to have to start last week. But I feel like Adam gays might have earned himself a hall of flame nominee. Hippo LARs something like that. I sit there and asking all these questions, and I just know the guy couldn't go to go. Ask him. This question about this guy. I got it. But you know, what I'm over him. We we know that he's not ready right now. Okay. The details of it. We'll keep that to us. You guys don't even know that I didn't know. I mean Osweiler had a career high three hundred eighty passing yards and the team won over time. After announced Brock Tober, Brock Tober was very supportive of Kenyan Drake. I mean, a Bronco Tober not only was a leader. In terms of what he did on the field. Other. Certainly we're a couple of turnovers. You remember, right? What happened in overtime? There was the big fumble. And it was right on the goal is. They're about to go in and envy game. It over time their first possession OT. Instead. The ball went to the Chicago Bears. But Brock Tober is the prognosticator because he predicted that Cody parkey would miss a field goal, which he did. And then they got it back and Drake. Rattles off this huge. Ron that puts the dolphins imposition for field goal. I mean, come on October needs to earn sobriety points for that, right, brownie points for Brock Tober, and yet Adam gates is still cranky lots of crackpots this week because the pressure get into some of these teams. Now, I felt like week six was a bounce back week for a lot of teams as well. And so I'm anxious to see how they do in week seven. Do they build on that? Do they continue? The work the progress. Do we see it again? Do we see where they've turned a corner? And now there's consistent sustained. So that's my major question going into week number seven. Eight five five two one two four two two seven team is listening in Washington. DC welcome to after hours. Good morning. I'm over the gal was get lost to the beltway and show up late to the game. Because I tell you what I think they have our number. You're in your L. I don't know why sounds like a dumb thing. But they've won for the last six in the series of wages in their favor. And I don't know it's not they're better sometimes or worse. We just play off play that. I don't know if we even have a shot this year, you believe it's psychological. Amy. I don't know you believe in that you believe in some things I've be number now, I know because this this team is not the same as the teams that have played against the Cowboys in the past. Now, I do believe that there can be some lack of confidence. There can be some some guys who were member. But a lot of times it's it's matchups a lot of times. It's you know, it has nothing to do with what happened the year before. So now, I don't I don't believe that it's probably the say that though because the the Steelers are what fourteen to against the Bengals since Marvin Lewis took over as the head coach. So there there definitely are some teams in which they're lopsided rivalries. But in terms of having their number having a psychological advantage that only works if it's all the same people. It's more about just having. I think having the film and having the blueprint for success and being able to use that. Well, I'm gonna live on the bright side. And I'm going to do the game Sunday, Amy domina. In my head. Every time we make a mistake or fumble is like we always I don't know what it is not going to be a w you really think that matters to Adrian Peterson. He's never been part of this Robert before it's huge for him. What the what the Redskins do with their run game is essentially the most important thing for their offense. Do you think it matters to Alex Smith what happened in the past with the Cowboys and the Redskins? True. If you've got guys that work weren't part of it. They can't be feeling that extra pressure. They can't be saying, oh, these Cowboys have our number because they have no memory of that. So pro sports is like that the turnover so high and you're talking about two really critical pieces on the offensive side. Specifically that there I mean, Dallas defense is really good. I'm not saying the Redskins beat them because I have no idea in Dallas played really well last week too. But so do the Redskins. And so yeah, I feel like you should just throw that out. That's that's not a that's not a legit fear. They might lose getting now. Thank you. You're welcome. I mean, I'm not telling you they're going to win. They might lose that could be a legit fear. It's not it's not because they have your number. I mean, some of these Dallas Cowboys have only been there for a couple years for heaven's sakes. Yeah. I know I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna keep that in mind. You know, when it's. Hopefully, it's not feeling backfire. Okay, thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy the experience at FedEx field. Oh, no. It's all what we didn't new stadium. All right. So Tim who's going to have a terrible weekend. Thank you so much for your phone. Call. Hashtag face palm Friday. We're incompetent. After hours here on CBS sports radio, by the way, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Whatever you do never ever ask Bill Belichick to compare any current defensive lineman or pass rusher to Lawrence Taylor. If you have not heard the audio Bill Belichick when a reporter asked him about Khalil Mack. And then dared to put Lawrence Taylor in the same paragraph. You have to hear it look. That's another good face bomb. Friday example, actually, but then we've got. Someone to explain to me. What a go is. I kid you not. I hope it's a joke. But I feel like this person was dead theories. And was really worried that I might not know what a goat is also a phone call that really needs a follow up phone call and yet my phone isn't ringing. We'll explain we've got some good face palm Friday exhibits coming up hashtag baseball.

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