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Different than your bedroom mccain zones you should market all kinds of concepts come must've giants senior in the united product. Dog you'll democrate open source Fairly cookie-cutter on to negotiate any of dotes by lonzo derision. Easier muscle franchise but in the long joint-venture. Because did you say this is just a franchise you. This is my i will join. You have skin in the game then. The partnering wall stu already different so be good through what we call. Initials slog overs. Just for dating was not cynthia and breach the joys of marriage. But it's just. The daily games is interesting. Like the pros and cons shift from short-term nature versus long-term nature's as really interesting. You know i it would be good to touch maybe some of the other structures that you had mine th i do want to get into the strategy but it would be nice to sort of get a broader scope in terms of what are some of the other types of arrangements that you may structure the gentleman ball. Neil goal down the road for the goal brothers had advanced found out. Van shoes for candidates freddie. Candies was a heavy hitting and as the story was the ellison decided to bunge. Arkansas is all they of speaking The younger joined the father's business and abby judges i'd always on nafta remains. Enc's onto off and working out through all of that anecdotally. He was talking to at foods. Complaining guys said. Why don't you shut all your wrists. Give the brain candy to las. Joan boise for more leave. Believe me you will make more money just audible from us and you get a big all your life to eject shots and about Us nevada of judas data or the caller from bullets. And say what you see. And i see saddam three shots on or a direct to each model was born so the onset is that who own the band and you do some. They were marketing at all. But you don't get into the elastic so you are not being sampling and design. He and meeting the both bunching dies so they kept the candies they did. Some add on game goes signed her ten yards each yacht and then started the started. Moving the vice all of that and the global mandate is or was. He saw coming to him. So structured rehabilitated. Abc's moon dynasty. Droid so that your partner. Not squad on the bank. So he has momentum official and even and zubets angles. Oh tripoli predators so he managed to get trenton money on security and uses money who say hang on. Now i've been outed bible banks so he went on board from sharper image or saturday. I would also brands Cannon bedding brands a he walks equal worthy boards brand while by he created a beautiful works for you. Authenticity randomly started and he floated on a become a few years ago. I i got tired of running with this on the radio contact. But he's just general to step down but anyway that's a separate iconic cemented the onset of itchy out of order in fashion literal across the night who affected that are is misogyny solid. Today embodies books letters you need. The bands appear finally out of jack levin radio the brand is trouble of the abc buys adults and typically intellectual property so he's doing it with Especially by mondro moment that all of that will issue owns ipo. They don't have iran eventually your designs all of that. So go to operators retailers or knox keene okay does online ov bickers and does it. So i'm going to start is for and much different. Ab now simply stopped the us in the states who have one of the naught For the chapter eleven process the number leader were the landlords because they had no india contracts on the stores and has big item other than taking incense all created concern itchy and created a yes. You're model so it so many sophisticated modern between the license ventures joint venture. Okay people like audits. And now you are. That monkey synergies doesn't working different facets of debate the diachronic incidentally media so we have a joint venture that on where the brand would for that they have for the yet we bought fifty percent. Are there so he around that and we are now. We find that ordered in english so iconic joint venture to be owned brats. Pala territory again. Dichiara onto licensing gray offered to my own competitors so grams i e again. Tandy's a bird umbro cannon all license on base so interesting. Yeah it's interesting because it seems like a type of licensing. I maybe you can elaborate a little bit about the difference between this and original licensing model you first describe in licensing one is busy is a muscled. So legally forty fifty billion dollars of engineers are nice. Typically licensee. what you do. Is you siphoned ice accusations. He day okay. Yoga license data to someone has license for benefits. Someone has to backpacks Typically these licenses tend to be with intermediate companies and for shorter years one year. Three years would license or the detailed model. Does i got abc or ten years of senior. And they're more logistic partners so they tend to be so danny used to a bid our have a brand new starter. Bought stock from nike started was abandoned by night and as he's lodged completely scared feb one Than one brand in the immediate acquisitive nature. And then they started accumulating debt and then unwind that debt select for a lot of spanish which went into trouble so they've look why these good brands which are in distress and then they will give that individuals for new combined knowledge one feature or along of your government last difference between march just a disney auditors. And what a abc's what's very interesting. Are there other models. They you already doing direct positions. Yeah so course. Jon advances boston franchise for the rankle hamlets on british agent with more than two hundred sixty So any as was de moscow franchisee and then Rules by the aaron brand their genes or through national made a big fan quite and.

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