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Seventy seven W. ABC. this is a plane that Chinese card games in the basements of the Chinese restaurants on mon street in Chinatown there we have to rats amongst us you upon the departure from the sand general festival a live broadcast on Thursday decided to drop down to the first precinct N. Y. P. D. and report. all of those that was selling knock off items of which you will like goes into these tight okay well yeah when I was walking from the subway to on canal over to mulberry street you get the they jump in your face too by the way these little for ladies and they come there are you know they're probably we don the minute you know and it's like whoa first of all this is like sex trafficking Mrs child labor it's a it's a whole disastrous world and it's not real these things aren't really don't even look real they're not they're not good not good you tested out did you I did out years ago when I first moved here and. well I didn't really realize what a bad thing it was so they will everywhere and Christian decided he was going to drop a dime on them because he came up to you been a Christian they did so with Jen and I and one of the other sales person when walking back to the studio after the broadcast and I think we were may have walked one or two blocks but in that one and two blocks there was at least five or six maybe more of these these ladies who come up to you Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Gucci Gucci yeah and like like what do you do feel like I I don't want them and be there just so aggressive to their in your face like they're off the side in the run up to you and more importantly why were the two of you walking together alone because we were all of three people we're going that's even more salacious station. this was in this little light threesome I mean trio coming back to the studio to work. could you know send him I want to show you both of you feeding the parmesan cheese and ratting out what their tongues through down there but selling these knockoffs in the open within hours the NYPD staged a major raid on the shops that sell these knockoff could see school trees for constant creams coaches the yours chords I got like four hundred thousand dollars worth of merchandise they could have gotten so much more but I will be informing all the tongs then in fact he was you Jennifer and it was you Christian did the right thing job time on them and that's why all of a sudden all of the materials were seized and they were in a warehouse in hunts point well Curtis I think that's a little aggressive because it V. Centauro festivals happening obviously the tourists are all swarming in that area so perhaps one of them made a complaint perhaps one of them was busted no I have it on good authority it was the first for a sink and I want to salute you Christian I wanna philology we get their last names in there. it wasn't. the issue about means mean time if you go to the Kurdish and gestured Juliet Facebook page you will see a post you'll see Brian Mongol loop when the range was starting to come down heavily because obviously my car my prayers at the church of the most precious blood on the corner of mulberry wasn't working or not. because how many MP Kathy gashes all Wednesday palms on Sunday you don't see me for a month of Sundays so was really heavy rain which threaten the the equipment which I'm you see of the equipment is knocked off we would be knocked off the air it was also threatening jetset Juliet because she was most vulnerable because I had my rejecting jacket in my woolly red beret but they very bravely very valiantly one out there protected the equipment protect us well hold on can I just jump in this has nothing to do with you kid **** because they did an excellent job thank you but I will say that Brian his umbrella holding skills are really not up to snuff because he was yes he was protecting the equipment but he was putting it in such the umbrella in such a way that the other umbrella that was there just the awning is kind of a role that was being pushed by his umbrella which is not to use of water on my dash what else he had to do he had a straight on mo green who was trying to pull the plug and take us off the air this guy who is constantly at the fees in fact we posted a picture and I asked the question what should we here at W. A. B. C. B. doing for these two guys who generally very slow be maybe she there like drac you know real tissues threat what should we be driving for them track yes track record D. R. E. tell what's what is that that's what you scrape off of you shoes when you walk for awhile okay so I've asked the question what should we do for them and based on the responses of our many listeners what we'll do something for them tomorrow when when by mileage is better known as I'm sure he was a real fine guest at the bachelor party and. I got to tell you all man manga loot I like the way raising the roof had that one home ages fended off more green with one on it was magnified by the way I've known many use it was very very obnoxious because we were right in the middle of an interview I mean you could have waited he can't be that stupid that it doesn't understand that we had a interview actually going on Juliet who I need to connect the lines for you but I anyway what you because you were there now I have nothing to do with me what was the what the what figure out his timing rain toys she ended the war I don't know I don't know all right. don't know I want to know if you can't figure it was you protecting us from sure what's going on take a Jewish guy are you kidding I don't know I had no idea what he was but anyway very obnoxious so. this is a battle between a see all I'm crazy one so a lot come up blocker mom and John legend who wants to turn them all loose I'm talking about all those privilege parents who cheated to get the kids into college and it's interesting John legend is saying a lot of moves that is this a a love match that's falling apart now between the legend he begins an A. O. C. O. I hope so and a see you say log but first on news headlines and updates..

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