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And wcbMcom. Good morning Lee. Frank liberal, the WCBS Maryland news, the news at six thirty one still no motive as to why. A woman shoots seven kills four including herself at a rate a distribution center in Aberdeen. The woman that defined his twenty six year old son OSHA Moseley, a temporary employee who witnesses say was arguing with someone prior to the shootings. No shots fired. By responding police in Facebook messages, Moseley described herself as a transgender. A suspect in the two thousand sixteen shooting a thirty one year old man. Federal prosecutors say was killed over a drug debt after being robbed a by corrupt. Baltimore police. Officers is found not guilty. Jurors deciding Antoine Frazier's case did not establish the alleged link to the corrupt gun trays taskforce pristine Blasi Ford would testify next week to a Senate committee about her allegations supreme court nominee Brett Kevin sexually assaulted her. When both were high school students if they can agree to fair terms that from her lawyer, the lawyers says the preference would be for Ford to testify next Thursday, and she doesn't want capital in the same room or lawyer also wants cavenaugh at the testify. I President Trump will return to the United Nations for the annual opening of the UN general assembly US ambassador, Nikki Haley, joined FOX. Martha McCallum on the story to discuss the president's comment that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat to stop. It's not going to happen overnight. We knew that, but we can't accept task measures. That would be doing like previous administrations we have to do this completely fully, and we have to do it by making sure we're continuing the sanctions and continuing to hold North Korea's ambassador hill, he believes the meetings in Singapore. Prove both leaders had the political will to move forward for change a look at sports in a mall..

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