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For the Saudi government as a leader I must take responsibility this was a mistake and I must take all actions to avoid such a thing in the future he spoke on CBS's sixty minutes weather extremes across the country this weekend is record snow in parts of the Rockies and record heat in the southeast CBS news weather contributed Jeff bird Alice is the high temperatures will hang on for a while in extreme amplified weather pattern jet stream diving to the south across the west in summer clinging on in the southeast we're likely to see another four hundred records tight or broken over the next week or so when you add a daytime eyes and morning lows and in between where the battleground is set wins the round of showers thunderstorms and some of that is going to be severe weather. a sixty year old Minnesota man with eighteen drunken driving convictions will serve twenty months in prison for causing a crash that seriously injured two people in twenty seventeen Marshall knoll pleaded guilty to first degree driving while impaired in exchange for the dismissal of two more serious charges against them. Oscars say he was driving with a suspended license and was high on drugs the Star Tribune reports he received a three year prison sentence work with credit for time served what remains of his senses twenty months this is CBS news. did you know you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com that. your new life and love the WCBS newsradio eight eight a radio dot com station sixty nine degrees a low of sixty in midtown fifty four in some suburbs WCBS news time nine oh three. yeah my PD mourns the death of a veteran officer killed in the midnight hour during a confrontation with the gunmen and the Bronx prompting this from mayor de Blasio we lost a hero by every measure we lost a hero in the wee hours of the morning mayor de Blasio announced the death of the thirty three year old Brian mal que mal came with an anti crime officer working at the even walled houses he and his fellow cops were involved in a violent struggle with an armed man chief of department Terrence Monahan body worn camera or smoking can be heard yelling he's reaching for it he's reaching for it. at this time numerous shots were fired an hour after the stroke a total of three times the suspect was also shot in both men died this suspect was on probation Mokena had been a cop for six years. Peter has told WCBS newsradio eight eighty. police identify the shooter is twenty seven year old Antonio Williams of being on ten in a salute to officer Brian smoking mayor de Blasio ordered flags at half staff Westchester county executive George Latimer also ordered flags be lowered it.

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