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Twitter I always I. Don't I. Don't do twitter I always in moments like this picture, the teetotaller side of our audience, however large that is the nondrinkers and I always picture them hearing. Talk about this and go I don't understand why it's such a big deal. Depends, it's different. It's folks that just never really got into drinking, or it's folks that had to stop drinking and they're probably saying this is what I used to do before. I went off the edge. Fun had to go to Rehab it listen. It's been seven years. I think the people that are offended by how much we talk about. This have already just said Sayonara. Farewell. We'll. You know we'll talk again soon maybe I. Don't know all right. There's a lot happening today. Don't miss any of it when we come back because everybody ready with their list or do you need more time? I think I'm just GONNA. Win It. You're GONNA wing it. But. We push back a little bit. Tom Today. Let's push back to like one fifteen after this week in Florida, we're going to go over our our seven favorite moments in the history seven year history of this show I, cannot I. I don't know where to go like I'll number seven. Sabrina goes number seven. You number, so we'll go round robin on each number, and then we'll get to a after our seventy number three with. Her seven favorite moments of the show in seven years. And then our one least favorite moment like the worship, not going I for that as well although I, I don't mind I knew you had it prepared. I did seven of those two I. Know, it's going to be fun. It'll be interesting and we'll see how that goes to quick. Break back in a moment. It's the news junkie on real radio..

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