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Sary's you know it all before you ever get to the dealership and you know the true prices a great price because truecar shows you what other people pay it's you see the marketplace you see what's a fair price for the car you want you lock in that price you know it's including fees accessories so it's a true true price it's a fair price because it's a market value and certified dealers set their true price competitively so they can win your business you know it's a very competitive and good price that's for an actual vehicle on truecar certified dealers lot so you're gonna get this easier confident by experience and you gotta remember that whether it's a new or used when you're ready to buy a car you visit truecar and you'll enjoy that more confident car buy experience true price from truecar some features not available in all states all right now i was saying coming up tomorrow that'd be may seventeenth agora theater in cleveland than the next day outside detroit rial of music theater that'll be this friday live shows all around coming up portland and lanta alannah aladdin theater in portland second show tickets available that's you're not gonna i'm calm and find out doing a show flappers out here jim is going to be with me on that one lots of good stuff to check out also you wanna check out chassis lots of good movies there shake s s y the cruise parola drinks podcasting masterclass it's all there and let's not forget starving for tension that would be new putt cast with celebrity chef richard blaze and that is every tuesday on podcast one drew what you got here the doctor who podcast got calls this why people like those call in episodes and listen i'll do more of those i know it's been sort of a call out to do more love line stuff which i'm happy to do it's very very simple to answer those kinds of questions do call in for them at the youtube page the.

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