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Water main that is still being repaired in Fairfield county. Connecticut quiet, ride on the Connecticut turnpike Parkway. Our next traffic update is coming up in fifteen minutes. Now, let's take a look at the wwl our Weather Channel forecast on the increase today. Seventy three with a chance of showers coming in the sapphire. A flash flood watch kicks in tonight. Showers thunderstorms, locally, heavy rainfall, sixty two tomorrow the range during the morning hours. Maybe a rumble of thunder, then cloudy, sixty four currently sixty two WR urologist rates teaching now, here's language sports. Florida. Nets drop game three of their playoff series. Philadelphia. One thirty one to one fifteen in Brooklyn. Ben Simmons had thirty one for the seventy Sixers daily series two games to one game force tomorrow afternoon. Brooklyn, the Mingo her mind suffered his first loss of the season. The AKIs lost a Kansas City six at the stadium. Her mon- allowed three runs over six Mets were off. Jason Vargas is on the mounts night in Saint Louis and Saint John's reportedly negotiating with four Arkansas. Coach Mike Anderson to be there next coach. Now, here's Joe with today's top story. Good morning. Linen NYPD officers shot a suspect killed after gunfire in Washington heights, juror misconduct is claimed that the queen's Jonker trial and divergent views on the Miller report tales at six thirty seven ten. W Y. Kohl's the savings. Add up with an extra twenty percents off save on women's spring dresses and kids. Dressy attire Easter homecourt is fifty to sixty percent off plus an extra twenty percent off. Plus, take an extra ten dollars off your fifty dollars or more home sale purchase. Plus get cold cash right now at Kohl's select styles. Twenty percents offer valid eighteenth through twentieth. Bunny home offer valid eleven for twentieth. Promo code hometown. Some exclusions apply. See store for details. The magic. Better Bank starts with looking at the savings rates. Most banks offer and saying really Capital One is building something better. You can open a Capital One savings account with one of the nation's best savings rates from anywhere like here for here or here. One of the nation's best savings rates opened online at a capitol one location or from anywhere. That's banking reimagined. What's in your wallet? For consumers only offered by capitol NA member FDIC copyright twenty thousand Capital One, ladies and gentlemen, come together over quality leading. So who is legal Lindell, typical gross. We still night legals passionate about offering the highest quality at really low prices. Like, our would winning preferred selection cuisine from around the will made from exceptional ingredients. It's billion very legal mania is here the banner or visit legal dot com. View their spring magazine filled with inspire in recipes gardening.

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