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They made it happen. Everything is RSS feeds. It's open, similar to podcasting. So other apps can actually integrate directly and stream stream our content directly into their apps. We're going to add a pub key in there just like podcasting two. So you can stream sats from other apps. There's a bunch of different things we're going to do to try and integrate Bitcoin across the whole stack. But basically the idea was, I mean, look, it's a beautiful website. We're seeing a YouTube censorship issues, right? And as bitcoiners, we tend to get trapped into this whole decentralized everything. This is not a decentralized project. Do we hope that you can run your own Bitcoin TV instances in the future? Yes. Can you federate with other peer tube instances? Yes. So the other instances can help provide you can do that. But it is a centralized project, but it's one that's hosted by bitcoiners for the world. And as this YouTube censorship gets out of hand, I mean, there's a very good chance that by this time next year, by this time in two years, the overwhelming majority of Bitcoin content does not available on YouTube. A TFT got I think we're allowed to post now for the last 5 days we haven't been allowed to post on our YouTube. We got our first strike. Before. I mean, Marty interviewed laser HODL and they were like talking about depopulation or something. But my point is, my point remains the same is that YouTube has a very heavy hammer on their censorship. And there's no real judicial process. We saw palms channel God taken down. It's like the most mainstream least controversial thing ever. And that's going to happen more often. And is the answer another centralized video platform? No, but the answer is many video platforms. That ideally allow creators to get funded directly from their audience. And we hope to be a small part in that in that mission. You want to kind of Pirate Bay, I'm not gonna par about it, so. People so even if it does get sensitive in some way, there's like different instances everywhere. I mean, I don't know what the tech behind that kind of distribution is, but hey, it's a cool looking website. I should put my shit up there. Yeah, well, we would love to make your channel. Yeah. Let's do it. I'll speak to Danny. We'll do it. And I'll make sure I get rid of my ads. We'll make it ad free. I mean, that'd be awesome. But like I said, people still have ads up on there. We just, we're not monetizing via ads, and we're going to make it easy for creators to get funded directly from their audience with Bitcoin. And we are not going to cut is an optional cut. There'll be a slider bar. If you want to give us 5%, you know, so we can run our service so we can keep it going. But like it eventually of his successful, it won't survive on being a great look, I hope you prove me wrong, but yeah, I mean, I think it's fair to give a car. You provide the platform in the tech. We provide a cut of the income. I think that's just a fair model. Look, it goes, it goes with.

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