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I love you. Pull that out. I too when I was listening to this song was thinking about post Malone and realizing I think a lot of the sort of phrasing that is really popular and melodic structure which is popular right. Now we actually a lot to tame impala when you get these sort of internal small melodies that repeat again and again and again and you can hear that in team impala you can hear that post Malone you can hear that in so many other artists hundred percent. I don't think it's I mean even relate back to the smaller attention span. We're getting worse. We're going to have a three minute song. Few a few melodies that change in the keeps your interest the whole time if show. I was really surprised to hear from Kevin Parker who in a conversation with TV did refer to his. Music is absolutely pop up that you want it to be very very pop. I mean I've always my music to be really so I think that it doesn't matter what sounds you're using if you're starting with. Hook I or the first or how you're structuring song. It feels like what matters is sort of the intent and the intent is for people to love this to dance to groove to it and I think it's succeeding on that level. One hundred percent. I think even the I mean obviously has the eighties influenced since it's definitely unique one hundred percent. There's no doubt about that but it's it's popular music by definition he plays arenas does very well so I would call that popular. Music hundred percent shouldn't be negative. I feel like right on. Yeah it's like you know. I think his strategy is get that rhythm. Get that groove going and then you can kind of start to sprinkle some weird stuff on top and people won't mind as long as as long as they're feeling the groove you know you can get away with like he's got some flute and pizzicato strings in here..

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