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Just incredible from the lift off show and the Labor Day Chevy drive a van is going on now at your southern California Chevy dealers drive away the award winning quality of Chevy visit so cal Chevy dot com today what is more than when he takes me from creative writing to traveling the world to report my next story staples is your back to school destiny find all the supplies and inspiration you need organized is the key to a successful school year canon store this week and get stable standard the one inch three ring binders just a dollar ninety two each staples to school and beyond in store only offer and eight thirty one nineteen possible it's so Rideau's autos wears Labor Day sale come shop the entire family of twenty three dealers all bring you unbelievable deals on the world's largest selection of new and certified pre owned vehicles so don't miss the Labor Day sale they'll have you saying thank you for today these staff mondo fresco I'm here I'm home my family where I work with for years thank you of downtown LA is back in action and ready to make some deals my Franco and Ted is back providing the best service and Kerr selection in there's no other dealer I would even recommend you to so it's a kia of the TLA dot com check out the inventory to help and you want them mondo fresco family deal and let them do the rest trust me you will not be disappointed we go to seven eleven right now back in time for the game and I know man I don't want to miss kick off okay but big gold drinks or seventy nine cents when I use my seven eleven am did but kick off but how we gonna stay on top of our game while watching this game if we're not on that seven eleven game I don't know how to do seventy nine cent beagle drinks with my seven eleven at all okay thank you seven.

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