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The Los Angeles County sheriff's office sounding the alarm on selfie splashed. Your search and rescue teams conducted over six hundred eighty rescue missions the most five years and many of them. Happening in remote locations or deputy. Stephen do set says they need a helicopter to get people out. He bought the understand people die up in those mountains, very risky that you see that we do there. There are ones that we don't make their dead. The reason a lot of people are up there is because of cell fees. The need to take a picture of yourself in a somewhat dangerous location is a relatively new phenomenon. But one L A officials don't appreciate it's a huge response. And if you would quantify it in dollars, you're talking thousands and thousands psychologists say there are a couple of reasons for high risk, selfies number one is the risk itself. The dopamine rush makes us feel good. The second is plain old attention. We all want it and need it. Maybe however, we could need it just a little less, Sherry Preston. ABC news Astros. Magic number is two. Is they take on the Blue Jays? Again. Tonight in Toronto coverage starts at five on sports talk seven ninety the Dow is now up eighty seven the NASDAQ down forty one s and p five hundred down one oil. At seventy seventy one. Our next update is at one thirty. And now more rush, I'm Scott credited. Houston's news, weather and traffic station. Newsradio and forty KTAR h. This report is brought to you by e-verify. Let's get to work with e-verify the modernized employment eligibility verification partner that can maximize your potential there helping employers throughout the hiring process. So they can focus on other business. Get started at verify dot gov slash go. Lead some drainage work. Daniel dean land clearing and dirt work to eight one three five six dirt. You could make book on this to Ruth Ginsburg, fuzzy Ginsburg. She's gonna to hang on as long as she can her objective is to hang on till twenty twenty. That's one of the Democrats think that Trump will lose reelection. She will retire in twenty twenty and the Democrats will say, wait a minute here in the vitamin rule Trumpcare. Nominate her replacement. Anyway, greetings, welcome back. Rush.

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