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Best possibly to pronounce it kerber tastes cooked kirghizan kirker i can't say the kubat asan's cooker tasks not distance i would say kirk kirk tests that would that would be my guess in my audiobook experience that's what i would do but cooker potassium tasks and it word like that not many people aren't going to for sure we just constantly said that from the start defined so never show weakness don't eat the bitter gourds i can't think of the last time i've had a gourd to cover is not correct i don't think i make squash i make squash quite often i do sauteed squash with i love to cook and i'm constantly like like sort of pain searing squash and i don't even cook it a lot because the more you cook it the more nutrients cooking out of it so i just like lightly sauteed in olive oil and then throw it on you know i mean as a side so it sounds like cooking doesn't actually break down these chemicals anyway so that won't make a difference it's okay i'll have now think about i had spaghetti squash the last few months to love the day you go damning lying about your squash intake because all its consumption consumption don't want to be honest this podcast about my gourds fuckin liat pigging cooled deceit listen i to me to shit i eat a lot of boards i've got some secrets and he doesn't drive his own car i don't ninety that blocks to hey.

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