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Like Jesus never know Joy like Jesus. I never know power like chief over here. When the enemy says, how about this? I tell him Get on out of here safe. It's not Mei. I've got power holding gold, but it hadn't been for Who was on my way had been for who was on her side on her side. And he is side their side. No us would be sitting up in here today. If it hadn't been for cheating. That man would have still had those demons. And But all you need want from Jesus could turn water and no one he can raise the dead. Oh, yeah, He's gonna help you win at cards. You can strap it. That nature guide you that cause of what I have done in your life. So I just want you to know today. Hey, you don't have to live on this whole same dry rolled that you already home. How do you know that Dry road don't want you to come to Sunday school. Who do you think? Oh, yeah, you whole who you think gonna cover Yes. Hey. Wei don't want to just exist. We want to grow. I.

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