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To bring life back to this ballpark, and it didn't take long for savannahs minor league team to offer that opportunity. Within the next year, we heard that they couldn't draw fans couldn't have success in savannah. They needed a new stadium in the city when it build them new stadium and they were leaving Jessie and Emily had bought a majority share. The guests Donia grizzlies earlier that year and they had just put the finishing touches on their dream house. We built a fire pit of bar. We had a hot tub back there. It was the hang out place, but Grayson stadium was up for grabs and the newlyweds couldn't resist in two thousand sixteen. They bought their second franchise in the coastal plain league and began building a new team in savannah. We started calling everyone in this community. We're here, we're going to do baseball. Why we're going to make it fun. We're going to have tons of entertainment and what happened creeks. I mean, nothing. No one believed us. Jesse says the team sold just one season ticket in its first two months. They were hardly bringing in any money. So after that phone call, we're completely out of money are only option left to sell her house. Jesse Emily sold their dream house and moved to savannah. From there, they put every penny they had into the team, even if it meant their new living arrangements were a significant step down. I actually went and looked at this duplex. I and it was horrible, disguised Asti most crap. It worst fixer upper pay us indoor and take him in. And he just shook his head now and ran back out. But after talking it through and realizing that this is truly all we could afford, we decided to buy her socks on the floor was so disgusting lift one leg up and over the toilet and over to sit down because your knees touching the wall. One night, my wife oke up screaming and there was a cockroach on my face. We didn't wanna tell people closest to us how much we were suffering and struggling. We hadn't even named the taking. Jesse. Emily believed that a great team name could turn things around. They announced a naming competition in the local newspaper for fans to submit suggestions. Jesse Emily wanted something unique, no generic animal names or weather phenomena something for savannah to unite behind. Over one thousand people wrote in, but one submission stood out the savanna open Anna's. The ideas came quickly. This could great mascot name split. We could have senior citizen dance team called the bananas. We could ever promotion where we throw bananas from the top deck. People catch it in their pants. It's called banana. The pants are slow. Go be open, and we came of all the ideas that we have to do it on February twenty. Fifth, 2016, Jessie, and Emily announced the new team name within minutes. Savannah, bananas were number one trending on Twitter and merchandise orders were flooding in from all over the country. But the savannah community had a different response. We guide crucified. They were saying the owners should be thrown out of town. You guys are an embarrassment to the city. You'll never sell a ticket. Please leave our town. Who are you guys? Who do you think you are. For the bananas, however, all press was good. Press the team sold out its opening night game. A lot of it was people to saying, let me go check out these crazy people. They're probably gonna fail. This is probably going to be a joke, but regardless they bought the tickets and they showed up. Over four thousand fans arrived at Grayson stadium for the bananas, June second season opener for once everything was going to plan until the rain. It's just what happens in the baseball world. Sometimes the gods are not in your favourite disobeyed downpour that you would never. It was unbelievable. The bananas waited almost three hours to begin play, but even after the delay there, sellout crowd was still in their seats. There was four thousand people still there waiting to watch the savannah bananas. It was clear from the game itself that people weren't staying to see quality baseball, and we made six hours. We're letting one's left and right. They stayed for the show. We have a break dancing first base coach, a thirty piece, pep band playing to final countdown, a rocky or uptown funk. It's a nonstop entertainment experience. Our.

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