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Gary came back and Gary's shown himself. We're gonna have a whole Gary seven and a few seconds. But what we did lose Paxton that that's tough. But the sounds like max of three starts but Clint is back Monday. He had a rehab his second rehab game today. Rain. Out, of course. But it does sound like he's gonna be back with a team Monday. Which means see Mike talk on even though he went out with a nice home run that I, but I soon that will be end of him. Stan returns to batting practice. This week Hicks extended spring training starts in Tampa this week and dis Didi out of nowhere has finished his throwing program as rehab games in two weeks, which means he might be back sometime in June. That's great. I was shocked by that. I actually stocked. I I was still in. He was such an after thought in my head where I was thinking we were looking at at least July, maybe August break for sure. Yeah. Yeah. And to see him. I mean, he's going to beat. He might beat who's going to be back. I'm going to be judged back for sure you might who knows. Who knows what Hicks is doing all odu degree? He's going to be a lot of these guys back would which is awesome. They can use him healthier healthier. They get more reinforcements are on the way. I the only depressing news out of all that was that. There's no update on Aaron judge nothing. Yeah. I mean, it's post all-star break for him. I mean, that's just and well, the also the Severino news wasn't great. But honestly didn't expect anything other than that. When they said post all-star break, just you know, he's got you just figure shit. There's no rush right now. The rotation seems to be okay it stable at the moment. Assuming package back in two starts. But yeah, judge nothing. I mean, I don't even think that period has happened yet where ill it's like he has to do nothing for four weeks, or whatever we're not even at those four weeks, not even close to more weeks for that. So the Stanton news is better. We finally got something on him. I'm concerned about him. I just feel like. I don't know what it's a new injury. Every time. He's injury prone. Normally, I don't know. We're walking down a dangerous path with him. Now. You know, it's good to clint's gonna be back, and Gary is backing Gary at a point right now where I mean, he's in maybe the most locked in he's ever been. But obviously the bad news the end the twenty sixteen right? He's like that. He's hitting everything right now. Like just scalding everything like one fifteen off the bat. But injury was the worst news the come out of this weekend. Friday paxon's pitching, he doesn't look good. He's he's Ling. What's the word? Laboring laboring was the I looking for. He was laboring through three innings sixty five pitches. Just wasn't throwing strikes. He said enough could push off. And he says that he has his lingering knee injury, which they've known about and eight sounds really bad to me like a lingering injuries, just bad. I don't they say maxed restarts. I know we just gonna is going to vanish in three starts do is rest. The the thing here formation installation. Also is a weird. That's like such a cover for everything you could say formation for anything, and it could lead to different routes, but not good. Not good. I've had a lingering injury for like ten years basically made. Sometimes just it hurts. Sometimes it doesn't. I don't know. What I mean? It's better to be is his lower body than his arm for sure by he's at other guy where he's been injury prone is a tire career, but I think all things considered. I'm not super worried about this injury. Because like I said, it is a driver p the need in the arm and three weeks. It sounds like a lot. But you know, it's probably three starts max. I mean missing a position player for three weeks or so different. That's probably like twenty games. I mean three starts if you can just win. If you want one of those three starts, you know, there's no.

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