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Oh. Follow along on Twitter. Lash official data Lashof Facebook. We have so much to get into and the latest with Trump's response on Elizabeth Warren's backfiring and also the media reaction circle the wagons. Well, she would be one circling the wagons. Let's kick it into quick five. Data's quick five. You remember the third grade teacher that went after one of the Trump staffers, Stephen Miller because they said that he she said that he ate glue as a kid, right? And we shared our own stories will now the teacher, Nikki Fiske's is while she was suspended after it after she gave an interview saying that he was a glue eating loaner when he was in elementary school. I'm not actually surprised by that. But it's kind of funny said the Los Angeles Times says she's caught on home assignment from Santa Monica Malibu unified school district as the California Public school system determines what if anything to do about the interview that she gave her she mocked her former students, this was one of the greatest comebacks of all time. I was like fist in the air over this. So Joe Kennedy? The third is the great nephew of the late. Senator Ted Kennedy? Right. And so he is doing campaign events. Robert O'Rourke beta Aurora where he was apparently he was seen behind the wheel of a car with beta or work in the car. And Ted Cruz joke quote, and maybe the first time anyone's asked Kennedy to drive, oh man is too. Good too. Good. Good. Johnny rotten was spotted in Los Angeles with a make-america-great-again sure actually, New Orleans. He was smoking a cigarette on a balcony in New Orleans with a make-america-great-again shirt big red redshirt, the Sex, Pistols, frontman, he's has lived in LA for a long time. He recently gave an interview where he said, I just don't understand. Why people are just coming out the guy so hard he didn't actually endorse Trump. But because Johnny Rotten's a hell raiser, I think the only reason he's doing this. He's the original troll. I think that he's purposely trolling all the people. And that is the most punk rock thing. He is still punk rock original punk rock. Everybody else's such a poser. We've got to get him on the show because I have always loved the Sex Pistols there one of my favorites. All right moving on. We got some we got some other stuff as well. This is an insane story..

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