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I just carried a bunch of bars, I don't want to eat any of that food at all. And yeah, I gambled and turned it turned it into a profit, and then came back. And it was one of my most fun trips. So there's ways you just have to do some searches and not be afraid. Very good, amber, amber gamble, this is if people want to get in touch with you, is there a way to do it or should they just contact Richard and me and move forward? You can follow me on Twitter at amber gambling. If you are interested in forming more of a partnership, I would ask you to send me a DM. And I can even add you, I keep I keep a Twitter circle that gets a little more. I try to stay a little under the radar, but I share with people in my circle a little bit more about what I'm thinking a little bit of my daily thoughts. A little bit of my other stuff that I'm doing in my life, but you're welcome to follow me on Twitter. I have my account on private for a while, but I'm getting a little bit out there. So yeah, you can follow me on Twitter. That's fine. It's a medium. Very good. At the end of our show, we have a recommended section where the host and often the guests recommend something we think of as of interest. So Richard. Do you have a recommended for our guest today? Yeah, I'm going to recommend, I think I may have recommended this a couple of years ago, but my favorite Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas is used to be a little hole in the wall called chili caliente. And I was there the other day and they have expanded and made the restaurant bigger changed up the menu. They've added a bar. But the food was just excellent, still. So that is my recommended chili caliente. It's on the east side, maybe about 6 miles off the strip. So I'll put a link in the show notes to it and but if you like Mexican food, it's a great place. All right, my recommendation is a new Netflix movie. Of an old book called lady chatterley's lover. This was D.H. Lawrence last novel set during and after World War I. The upper class chatter leafs marry before he Clifford is sent off to war, and he returns paralyzed from the waist down. Nonetheless he moves his family home to English countryside where he owns a coal mine. Eventually, lady chatterley, Connie, become disenchanted with the marriage, and the steaming relationship arises with the gamekeeper millers. Affairs depicted at length graphically and tastefully. Now, I read this book more than 50 years ago, and at the time, my interest was in the pornographic descriptions which I reread in a number of times. It paid no attention to the call strikes that were mentioned or the upper and lower class distinction. Those are the pages I skipped. But now in this movie, I'm kind of getting too old to get off on pornographic descriptions. And I would not call this one pornographic at all. If you're in for that experience, this movie isn't it. The star Emma corrin is far more anorexic than anything in my imagination from the book. And it becomes more of a love story than a sex story. Glimpses of the upper class and lower class divide in 1920s England peer regularly and round out the story very nicely. So amber gambling, do you have a recommended force? I have, can I give you two books of you may? I wanted to recommend the logic of sports betting by Ed Miller and Matthew David Al, that was such a game changer in my gambling career. And then the second book I want to recommend is a favorite of mine. It's called the beginning of infinity. By David Deutsch and if you are into philosophy and science, space, all those things, how knowledge is created, that is just an amazing book. I've read it several times. I'm actually listening to it on audiobook. Today on my way to Seattle to visit a bedding friend. So yeah, that would be my recommendation. Very good. Huh, not familiar with that one. And we will have links to all this in the show notes. And the logic of sports betting, of course, Matt and Ed have been guests on this show and several of our guests recommended that book for good reason. All right, thank you. Yeah, it used to be the first book that anybody would recommend for sports betters was sharp sports betting by Stanford Wong, but now I think that, you know, that's the first book everyone should read. I also read sharper by poker Joe. And that was another one that, again, just kind of the lightbulb goes off. So yeah. Actually, I'm not familiar with this last one you mentioned. Oh, it's a good one. I love that book. It's called sharper sports betting. I believe, and it's by poker Joe and he's also on Twitter at poker Joe, I believe. That was another great book, there are so many. I can recommend books. Oh, and you know, can I say something? Mister roentgen, I just want to thank you for your recommendation last year on shogun. I DMed you. You probably don't remember this because I DMed you for my other account. And when you recommend a shogun, I was like, okay, I need more. And so, yeah, that was another great book. I enjoyed reading it. Oh, yeah. And I love really long books. I mean, if the book is really good, I'm glad that it's really long, 'cause I want it to keep going on. And so clavell wrote some really great really long books. Your recommendation was amazing. Thank you. Well, good. Good. All right. Thank you, amber. This was fun. Thank you. Thank you, Richard. Go out and hit lots of royal flushes, everybody. Good day.

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