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Truth It was actually EPI exocrine pancreatic insufficiency or API is a condition where your pancreas is unable to help break down your food It can lead to symptoms like diarrhea gas bloating stomach pain unexplained weight loss and oily stools And EPI symptoms can be confused with those of other common digestive conditions like irritable bowel syndrome Crohn's and celiac disease So getting to the right diagnosis meant being more open with my doctor about the severity of my symptoms and how often they were happening But there's good news EPI is manageable So don't wait any longer Use the symptom checker at identify EPI dot com and schedule a visit or call with your doctor to ask I have API sponsored by AbbVie A team it's a full house We got to pick up the pace I've Hank's restaurant the line goes around the block Okay I need the truffle oil drizzle What he needs is another line cook Man are the quill breast still in the sous vide Dave can you keep an eye on that please Indeed can help him hire great people fast I need indeed Indeed you do instant met instantly connects you with quality candidates whose resumes and indeed match your sponsored job description Is it indeed dot com slash credit and get $75 towards your first sponsored job Terms and conditions apply Because facts matter you are listening to WC PT 8 20 Stephanie Miller Still didn't know what they'd been supposed to keep dancing So just dancing with you the.

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