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Stories, it's a lifestyle magazine focusing on sports and entertainment, health and fitness, fashion and style, all with local Ottawa, vibe features in the June issue include Ottawa Senators past and present like Thomas, bought, and Brian McGrath checkout faces MAG dot CA. Okay. This one made me smirk a little bit. I gotta say, Brad hall was not the drunk guy at the Saint Louis blues parade. And Gloria, you know, I kept thinking glory, we're gonna sing that was the. No, no. It was Gloria lower. You're always on the run. Now is that the song that, that, that went viral that one? Yeah. Yeah. Laura Brannigan from the nineteen eighties. And it went viral because a number of the blues players, I think ended up. Sometime this season. They ended up in a bar where some team had won a championship men's league team or something. And that was, I guess some drunk at the bar we kept saying, just randomly every half hour or so. Gloria again. And then somebody would fired up on the jukebox off everybody start jumping around again. I guess a number of the blue that was Larry's and became the theme bread holes my hero bet, I can't get enough of that, watching that video I want to get him as a GM. That's why I want. No, yeah. But Brett hall was not the drunk guy all all. Yeah. So. And this is a tale from deadspin, I'm going to read it verbatim because it's really well written the twenty nineteen Stanley Cup champion Saint Louis blues how their victory parade Saturday celebrating the franchises, first ever title as is usually the case with victory parades, this event featured blissed out sportsmen consuming, inadvisable, quantities of alcohol, some handle, it better than others. Like Brett Hull invented a puzzling chatted coughed up a horrendous rendition of Gloria but twenty four year old Ford. Zach Sanford, well, he out did everybody in the car that he is being driven around in for the parade. He all of a sudden out of nowhere and keep them on this convertible, and the streets are lined with blues fans and he's in the backseat kind of sitting on the ragtop with somebody else, and he basically just immediately pukes all over himself. And from the looks of it all over the people in the front seat as well. That's got to be embarrassing. Put his hand. He kind of put his hand to his mouth, and it was one of those deals where it's like. Oh, no. Is this? Oh, no. Oh, it's coming cat. I don't want people to see this kids watching all. No. I think it's all gone. Zastava. I forgot about this Steve as my final thought. Okay. My final thought I hope the poor guy. He probably had the flu Steve probably wasn't drunk approaches at a bad case in the stomach flu that can happen when you win a championship. I was at a golf event, and we're all sitting around the table Brett hall was there and this is this is in calling that Gretzky web com thing he did. And I- Brett Hull comes and sits down at the table beside me, Jimmy boy, how's it going? You know, I know him we're buddies, and I'm good. And you had a new shirt you bought this new shirt from the pro shop. And you've been around me Steve, we worked together for many years in the studio, and you're one of the guys when you saw me my face start to scrunch up, knowing I was about to sneeze. Yeah. Okay. You, you, you left the room? Jerome's going to sneeze here. It was so loud that the morning show doing the TV show downstairs. I was sneezing at the lunch counter their, their studios whip the front, they could hear me sneezing. They they go sounds like a lawn chair folding up for something old rusty launcher anyway. I ended up speaking puking, I ended up whipping, I couldn't get out, Steve. I got a sneeze. I gotta sneeze and get out of my way, and I ended up sneezing all over the brand new golf shirt of Brett Hull, you know. And I thought he's gonna kill me he's going to murder me. He's going to buy me, a new shirt or something like that. And he just is. So it was like flat all over the over the front. Well, people listen to the show regularly occasionally hear you laugh abruptly, and all of a sudden they hear the emergence of the lung butter, so one can only imagine when you sneeze what comes out so anyway, I did this. And I thought he's going to kill me or something like that. And he just looked at me with this stupid ass grin, and he said you're the best Jimmy. You're absolutely. I totally picture that just just put his arm around. We do. Give me a hug. You're the best. So. What a great reaction. That's great. All.

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