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Well the Bob and Sheri Show with Bob. You are a delight. I'm Cheri worships here now. Broadcasting from the palatial Bobbin and Cherry studios is Bob and Sheri. Welcome welcome Alcon Nice to have you with us every once in a while. I'll take a look at my apple newsfeed punch-up News and much news stories of up showbiz stories and new stories and on the left hand side of my screen. It's channels and topics and kind of a compilation in part of sites. They think I would be interested in going to and I chatted conned about every two months you want to hear the latest they think I should be going to they think I should be going to the Wall Street Journal Newsweek. CNN PEOPLE CBS CBS news the Travel Channel Licko Jimmy Kimmel pizza. I went there. I just to see what it was. It was like all all these pizzas stories from around the United States the best pizza here the best pizza there so far apple knows you yeah and finally Reese Witherspoon now now. That's where I'm like. I swear to God I am not stalking Reese Witherspoon. Why would that why would reese witherspoon. Jennifer Aniston was like two months ago. Maybe the Algorithm says a person who likes pizza and the Wall Street Journal and the news would probably be a fan of and then the answer. Is You know he's thinking about that but then I've I'm on with the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The ones conservative ones more liberal so I don't know where where she is politically. She's the person's sex symbol. Oh you think that's yeah I do that. Makes you pizza. I mean I the reese witherspoon spoon was the only one where I thought yeah and Jennifer Aniston was on there for like six months I don't. I don't know that I've I've. I've never tried to you you know find out something about Jennifer Aniston friends and that's unusual because friends is like everywhere now speaking of friends I I read a really interesting article that someone had shared on twitter about how Ross David Schwimmer the most underrated cast member on France really and the the person who wrote it's rated underrated plea underrated and by by audience members the person said if you watch an episode out of France it is David Schwimmer's character that is the most skilled at physical comedy who needs the fewest amount of lines of dialogue to get the biggest laugh half that he uses all of his theater training that he is the most underappreciated cast member on France that without David Schwimmer and Ross. You don't have a show discuss. you know. I wasn't the biggest fan but I did watch the show and and he was my least favorite character. He was my most favorite. Why was he the most favorite I mean I don't. I would think that he was the least I I'm sure the guy's the real sexy guy but I thought that he found his incredibly attractive appeal shitting yeah. What was the appeal well. I mean there's a there's a dweeby. CBS Geeky like brilliant quality to him. You know now that you think about it. The guy that played joey and the guy that played chandler the everything they did was big. Their comedic stuff was big and obvious obvious. That's that's they cannot. That's it. They were almost like the same person in many ways. Roswell shirkers Ross was tender and tormented sensitive and smart goofy and always trying just a little bit too hard yeah. Y- of all those of all the guys on that show. I thought Ross was levies. Have you seen the at CNN special on the making the history of friends. Now it was interesting. They brought the producers around to talk about it and of course what was his name played chandler her. machi- Perry had some alcohol problems during the filming of the series. It wasn't afterward worse. You know you're depressed because is the gigs weren't as good he was he was struggling with during that series and the producer said everybody got around him and gave him support and cover and help and everything that he needed during that period but he he had a hard time from everything. I've read that cast was as tight yup off camera as they were. That's that's what the people behind. The scenes were saying the directors they were as tight as Dick's matthew. Keep Perry has continued to struggle. Is that right. That's too bad recently very resell. Though I think he has righted the ship I hope so finally he he we had some movies success where I don't think the other two guys really did did the well. David Schwimmer owns a theater company in Chicago and has don all of his own other things like he hasn't chased big mainstream. He had it with friends but math made all the money and he hasn't chased it. Matthew Hugh Perry was in that movie with Bruce Willis the whole nine yards right right away that he was the star of the movie really well and the actor the play Joey Matlab on TV a lot he had that show on HBO that was really critic right but none of them did movies it was he and Jennifer Aniston or the only to think of anybody. Nobody else did a movie after France off Courtney Cox TV she did. She did that movie with Elvis. Didn't she do a movie with Kurt Russell Thousand Miles degrees that series to her she always drinking yeah red wine that that went off the air and just I all of a sudden it disappeared with no big deal. It was a hot thing and it was completed not thing that's exactly right the three bobbins Jerry instantly get the podcast the odd cast and Bob and Sheri Fun size so a woman in England posted an insane complete list that her brother-in-law brother-in-law posted online concerning his last visit to her house to the House of her husband and she and and there were like twenty four complaints that were had about their home about their home and why he was uncomfortable to a certain great and I went threw it at first then I thought could this be true and then I thought for a moment and I said yes because people think they can say any damn thing at all on the Internet and I I've experienced that myself we have a friend and we invited him to our annual party Christmas party that you come to in guys come to and he brought his boyfriend along with him and evidently we had installed an improperly. Lee sized toilet seat in the guest bathroom and that was my fault. I I want to Home Depot and bought the wrong size toilet seat. It was a couple of inches. Che's to to short. I've since fixed that and no you can't get your money back. He took a picture of it and said Said and posted on his facebook page and said some people. Just are are just not handy. I Guess L. L. at a party well. I don't know it was the worst thing that's ever been setter. you know attributed to me but was that really necessary so if he's posting and you know he's eating my food and drinking liquor and taking pictures on mytalk boys so here's the complaint list that this brother-in-law did about it recent recent visit. Their front gate was too squeaky. The towels they gave me were white. I don't like white tells they gave gave me a choice of three blankets and frankly none of them. were all that good. The Gates on the stairs were to keep their kids safe for annoying really really inconvenient. They had a bunch of spare clothes in my size but I thought the selection was horrible. Amazon prime vibe video did not have the new Quentin Tarantino movie yet. It's kind of a waste of money. Don't you think someone used the bathroom in the middle of the night and I heard the toilet it flush. The woman was using her asthma inhaler much too much this. That's what's keeping in her alive. This guy are there more now. Oh yeah the planes overhead. Were flying too low. The the house had too many rugs. You know some of this. The homeowners can't control they they don't have a direct line to the FAA no the flight pattern off the airport and if they complained than the FAA security would come and arrest them. They didn't have enough music on final. The local swimming pool they belong to was not open late enough. I could hear traffic in the distance. When I was in their backyard. Every time I borrowed their car I had to move the seat because they did not reset it for me and finally the dogs dogs they have with little. I don't know why Bubba the the biggest thing about this. This guy's attitude of entitlement. It's unbelievable. It's just wrote a bad yelp review for his the sisters. Now sister-in-law and you know the thing is is there for days days. Are you hiring with indeed. You can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in unqualified candidates in an online dashboard. Get started at indeed dot com slash higher. It's Bob and Sheri. We haven't heard a peep out of black black China in a long time I guess the whole divorce custody situation with Rob Kardashian settled down. I think their child is about to now. Does that sound right well. Black China has a new boyfriend and they were out to dinner at a restaurant in Los Angeles when I say yes. The child sounds like it could be. I have no the the the kid could be twenty. I think I have no idea that's her name. I think dreams about two cup that couple just it just was not on my radar but anyway well. That was a hot mess from the know that but you know you move on Rob. I don't know if he's back to designing socks. Yes I think he just wants to be left the heck alone and who can blame them but black. China has a new boyfriend and they were spider at a restaurant in Los Angeles and during dinner he began GAM brazenly sucking on her feet at the table so I just want to say for all. Y'All who complain about people who bring their babies to restaurants strides. I bet a baby in a restaurant looks real good right about now yeah yeah. You're saying that he he was sucking her her feet. He had her around. He has heard people in a restaurant arrested her foot up in his mouth right at the table in plain view of everybody..

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