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Ahead on KCBS Assam presidential candidates are pushing single payer healthcare a new study suggests it could save patients money let's see how the commute is doing we've got KCBS traffic starting first in the South Bay from Kim in your local Honda dealers traffic signs yes and there is some commutes around the bay area actually noticeably lighter today probably weather related but the cells they still struggle in some of the some areas so we'll take a look the excision temporal scanner thermometer sponsor your son I could've been got an accident in San Jose on two eighty eight south bound just before the tenth eleven street accidents off on the left hand shoulder public still pretty slaughter Cupertino from near de Anza Boulevard southbound eighty five that's a little bit better than normal but it's on the brakes from the ends of Boulevard on I'll be on highway seventeen highway seventeen is it looking better all earlier accidents northbound southbound out of the way traffic at the moment at the limits in both directions let's hope it stays that way so no grade looking good no brake lights a northbound six eighty and tell your past auto mall parkway that's a treat and Benicia traffic continues to recover we had a serious accident blocking all lanes eastbound seven eighty Columbus parkway now just the left lane is blocked that's white still bumper to bumper from interstate eighty in the eastbound direction is your family prepared this cold and flu season knowing when it's a flu let you know when to call your doctor the flu brings a fever so be prepared with the thermometer you contrast the accident temporal scanner backed by more than eighty clinical studies visit accidental dot com next update six eighteen on the traffic leader for the cloudy skies round the bay area tonight a few scattered showers possible still here and there nothing very significant as were clearing out the system a tomorrow partly cloudy and dry with temperatures a little warmer than today we were stuck in the mid forties today at least we'll get to the low fifties tomorrow for the weekend looks to be drive both days partly to mostly cloudy conditions next chance of us some rain Monday traffic.

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