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All of our minds backstage with his mental list routines, and we're gonna get into those a little bit. Can you read my mind right now? No, you're thinking, no more alcohol. I was tonight MJ made Tommy sign of pre-nup, and it was very clear that MJ knows her worth take a look. I am the Susan b Anthony of pre-nuptial cremants. I am rewriting the laws in California to favor. The woman. You are welcome. If you leave me for some secretary, I will kill her. I will kill you. And you will walk around the world without a penis. Women of the world ask for everything that you think is fair. And if you're a woman than anything you ask for his pairs? I love that. She is MJ's not the only opinionated woman on China's awesome. Made her season seven debut tonight. Check this out Mike, I want you to pay close attention. Get you touch with those people in the crew that I was close with Jianye still taxed might never checks in and eventually faded out and nj anywhere near me or my family like ever, it's really important to make the person happy. But you have to be honest. Truth speaker, choose while you're receiving his truth and see where your reaction to her saying you never checked in true. Oh, it is. You're done. I mean. Yeah. Okay. God bless her. Okay. Mic in Neiva are here to answer your questions. But before we get to those. Here's what three things I am obsessed with tonight. I when we met Nima and Mona at the beginning of the season. We learn about their difficult upbringing. Here's what tonight Nema confronted his mom and queue the waterworks. Take a look they were getting a divorce. We went to you Ron deliver their grandparents came back and my dad and moved to L A, and I see it in New York with my My mom. mom separation. It's so weird like lettuce. Choose. I pick up on a sense of pride that my dad has when he looks at my two sisters. It bothers me that he won't come to me. And be like, hey, I'm proud of you somehow the terms of the divorce became kids. We're going to choose which parent they were going to go with it is something that I had post traumatic stress about to this day. Most important women in my life or not in my life for. So it's like it's created problems that I never thought would happen. This is that's a tough one Mona's here high great. So I what was wild about that. Also was it seemed like you were comforting your mom, and she wasn't comforted. Like it turned to newer reverse therapy session Persian. Parents have like the most amazing ability to lay like foundational guilt that like. The Cain escape it. It's so it's just it became one of those things. Whereas man when you see your mom cry. Like, of course, your instinct is are you? Okay. How did he come to be that they asked you guys to choose? I mean at the time, did you think that that was odd or four That's right? right. You were You were. four. Three bennett. Remember, we never analyzed it. When you're like a three. Think about it. And do it it's tough. And we don't we can't get a straight answer now because we'll be like, wait. How did that go down? Right. And it's like don't worry about it. Eat some more food. All right second when the Shah's went to Vegas triggering Mike's anger was like playing a very scary game of roulette. But here's what on tonight. Shaw's Mike went from being belligerent to being aggressively thoughtful take a look. Had half the city relax going on at home..

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