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Want everyone to realize that the power of water that saw what it is going to come rushing in birthday get hold out the cnn the dentist suresh happens and it happens not only once but twice as as that hurricane move through that they're very concerned not only with the water but the wins the winds are expected here to be sustain an not just at like a quick hit but as a stain several hourlong event of wins have one hundred miles per hour or more gus up to one hundred twenty five miles per hour and i'll be curious to see because this morning but it made landfall in key west we saw that advisory that urgent warning from the national weather service of extreme win warnings that simply sense the call that there could be tornado light damage the winds are expected to be even more powerful than among the wind that will recorded this morning that we stand by here david as you've been talking to officials there i know you spoke to the governor to what's their degree of confidence and how to community will hold up listen they say now all we have to do is wait for the storming and try to get through it the call your county emergency managers focus a short time ago he says you happy with the preparations he's happy that people are are hand the warnings here but he also urged everyone saying when the wind dies don't be fooled that when the storm surge will actually be the greatest that will come in and it will come in very quickly urging people not to go outside this both start around cookie and the worst of it and then last several hours britain to eight pm after after gets dark and what they're urging everyone to do is not go outside st inside this event is going to continue straight into the wee hours of the morning again into tomorrow morning um you know unlike harvey which sat there at least this storm is moving through which still moving barely slowly and i guarantee your thoughts on the people here for fear whole and who are into shelters and there are many of them that up in southwest florida that it's a very trying time wondering if their their home they're going to survive this their property going to survive hi this eh as they wait inside the building for these one hundred mph with abc's david muir the anchor of world news tonight.

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