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The link in the description for this podcast are other news. Is we've acquired quite a few more guests citing you. Yeah so not boring ones. That are going to help. Our audience go to sleep. Well there might be one or two of them you know it just makes the good guests actually appear even more entertaining so yeah it's it's been kind of a fun process reaching out to we've been we've been surprised at the response from some of them. It's one of those things that brings you back down to reality like. Oh there's just people to you know whenever we send out emails and then we give it a response back to people. You've never talked to and people who've never engage with them and it's fun seeing their engagement with creating the episodes. Yes should we. Should we plug the aug guest or we we have to so we already have one interview in the bag but then the other guy when she. I'll let you talk to. Yeah he's another youtube connection. That i've made has a very interesting story into doing what he's doing now which i will let him tell in the interview coming up in a couple of weeks now. Those listeners that have tuned in for the last few episodes of heard us talk about pella tanya and android are super excited to welcome our our next guest to the podcast. Joab has been newly named the president of peleton when we plugged it. A couple of weeks ago We said that he was the ceo but he is now within the past week named the president peleton. So you guys have heard me talk about my experience with peleton before android. I wanted to have somebody from the organization on and let's listen to that interview..

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