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But nevertheless it's important to point out that biting his doing no such thing despite the fact that people like me would argue that the united states is an obligation to throw open and millions of people who are trying to save their lives and their children's lives into safe harbor in the united states. Not just the few you know. Low numbers if thousands the biden administration is seeking to take out because they worked for the america right. I would argue that taking out. Those you know extracting those Who worked for the united states In afghanistan is a moral floor that's operating in the administration is immoral ceiling and the administration is not challenging these politics. We heard biden talk this afternoon. Defending the withdrawal. That's well and good but listen also to what he said. One you said that He continues. I think the the actual quote was will maintain a laser focus on our counterterrorism mission. There in other parts of the world so you he does see the other aspects of the forever wars continuing if someone inconspicuously and what he didn't say is that they are going to let all these people who are seeking desperately to get out of afghanistan into the united states where they will finally have this as a harbor that america is putting itself did. It's leaving them behind out right but let me ask you this. We're running. you're getting close to the end of the hour. Spencer ackerman but you know joe biden was was caught in this situation. He said i will get us out of afghantistan We needed to get out of afghanistan. Twenty year war that we've sunk lives and money into did he do the right thing here. He's getting a lot of criticism today. What are your thoughts on how he did it. Well he's he's definitely withdrawing. Us troops from afghanistan He was obligated to do that. Right here. the twenty twenty deal that he inherits from trump which. I consider the only our active and disgraceful presidency I i want the way i would put it in. There has been for a very long time. Deep antipathy and wafer-thin support amongst the american public for these wars fighting to his credit. He is also influenced by it Because as you know an experienced politician he recognizes that there is very angry. Constituency amongst arising left within the democratic party that is looking toward abolition of the war on terror. He needs to kind of stay on his good side. At least that's put him in positions where i give him credit for For pursuing but at the same time. He's not going nearly far enough if we're looking toward the abolition of the war on terror now did we recognize the danger. It poses to american democracy. I hear you And and what about the you know the the people left behind. I know you wanna swing. Open the doors as do i. I feel for the women. The children the young boys the the just the people who want to move forward with their lives and it looks like they've been pushed back fifty years in overnight. Do we have any responsibility to them. We absolutely do. We have a responsibility to resettle everyone who wants out of afghanistan. We owe them reparations. Reparations united states destabilized afghanistan not just in this war but previously in the nineteen eighties. If we want to have a hope of making this right that comes with material obligation. We owe the afghan people alive. They can leave. I hear you need more war. No means indicating the consequences of our war. This is obviously too big a subject to cover in thirty minutes. The book deals with a lot of it. Obviously not the events of the last couple of weeks in the last twenty four hours but this is the world reign of terror. How the nine. Eleven era destabilized america and produce trump spencer. Ackerman it's available now and by the way you can subscribe to spencer's newsletter as well at forever. Wars dot sub stack dot com By the title of your newsletter. I'm guessing you don't think the wars are going to ever end. They will be forever believe that. I don't think that we're doomed to be forever at war What i mean by the title is that if we are not paying close attention to this and then acting accordingly We we we. We will be a very dangerous circumstance and so accordingly. We need to have with precision and rigor tracking the permutations the continuities and the departures of the war on terror. Okay there's a lot lot to digest here. I suggest we read the book and then reconvene spencer ackerman thank you so much. I've been following you for years. It's a pleasure to talk to. I really appreciate your joining us today. Well thank you so much for such a substitute interviewed nicole l. Well i appreciate it. Take care you too bye-bye there you have it spencer ackerman and what. Yeah that was a treat for me. Because i have been Reading him and following him for a long time he has one of those original You know He's been doing this for a long long time We ran a little bit over but that's to be expected isn't it. Let me tell you what's happening tomorrow. Tomorrow's tuesday gotta laugh is supposed to be here because it's her week on but she. She had a rough night last night and she emailed me this morning and she said. I don't think i can make it.

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