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The move on and get back to the business of governing America noon. Fact, he calls the investigation and attempted coup of the American presidency. Governor Kevin stood has signed into law. The Bill that would increase the speed limit on Oklahoma Turnpikes from seventy five to eighty miles per hour and on certain state highways from seventy to seventy five miles per hour. Say to presentative Daniel pay of Lawton who authored the Bill says the speed limits will be implemented gradually sensibly and safely. You're listening to the in US drugs are James Carroll was in Oklahoma yesterday, traveling with Oklahoma Senator James Langford to hear what communities have to say about their efforts to fight the opioid epidemic. Carroll says prevention is key. Communities happy, they need you educate to not buddy says we also have to stop drugs from coming into this country. I get treatment for those who are addicted carols, President Trump is deeply concerned about the opioid crisis in his told him to be relentless in saving lives. It's been three years since an Oklahoma City woman was convicted of killing her Thirty-three-year-old daughter by forcibly forcing a crucifix and medallion down her throat yesterday the state court of criminal appeals affirm the life sentence given to fifty two year old one Gomez who was convicted of first degree murder Gomez told investigators. She believed your daughter Geneva Gomez was possessed by the devil and Oklahoma teenager whose attorneys argued didn't understand what guilty meant decides. He doesn't want to withdraw his guilty pleas after all seventeen year old Deontay green is charged with murder rape and other felonies following a twenty seventeen string of crimes in Tulsa. He pleaded guilty last month the firm. Degree murder and nineteen other counts in a blind. Plea green was sixteen when he was accused of killing broken arrow middle school teacher, Shane Anderson and raping an eighty one year old woman. He said to be sitting in July could get life in prison. I'm Brian no in news..

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