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Move move the on Monday for the last row, those are going to qualify on the last row and hit is. Year. Now in terms of what's happening with was. So we shall see the that, that group of individuals who did not get in the top thirty today, York's think about this here is you Patricia ward Kyle Kaiser James inch cliff Fernando Alonzo and say gear max Chilton. Howard Kellman joins us on these Saint Vincent. Sports formless hotline, Indianapolis Indians tonight in action Howard. Let's have some great news about our Indianapolis Indians. Come on. Tell me some good news, please. I will do break. No spot, the, the one convincingly seven to one in very first angles CEO, soon felt that you run Homer, and that gave the Indian so lead they never would relinquish. They got a couple of doubles from chase from stallings sport. A few runs Kevin Kramer had a to Bunn double the capital in the ancient. And Bob as I told you last night. This is one in credibly talented Indianapolis Indians. See seven runs will have seven one is, is good. You look at what they're doing though. They're putting it together. I know there's a lot of baseball to be played. But, you know, you go back they win three against excuse me. Two out of three in Scranton. They've won their first two against Norfolk. They're playing well hitting the ball pitchers. Do again. We talked about last night air everything putting together right now. Yes, absolutely Davis with seven grade innings tonight. Only allowing one run that you said pitcher should doing it. The hitter civilian Bob is now have one seven of eight any any ball during the course of the season can have a good run put when we look at this loss for this town, this for real. Well, let's hope it is tomorrow. They wrap it up one thirty five out at the greatest ballpark in the country victory field. Howard Kellman hall of fame broadcaster, legendary voice, the Indianapolis Indians, Indians beat Norfolk seven to one by the book, sixty one humorous inspiring lessons. I learned from baseball how great weekend we'll talk to you next week. Okay. Thank you so much. Coming up. You talk racing a little bit of that day.

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