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Three Years discussed on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald


It's already happened you know like your radio show when you thought about it however many years ago it already existed for you so all you had to do was move towards it with your inspired actions and make it happen but if you had got caught up in the fear of it'll never happen then it's possible never happen i love that you say that because i'm extrapolate that because i talk about it on a different level but it's even a deeper level now that i'm talking to you based on the subject matter of what we're speaking about here but you know when i talk about being a manifesto being visualize are taking the intuitive nece out of it and maybe you can't but in terms of just like for semantic sakes with the conversation piece when i talk about what my goals are and i'm very clear on what my nonnegotiables are i can see it clear as day in the future i just in the tangible sense in the here now through taking massive action and being very focused laser focused on it it catches up and so when people when you know when i've done this and proven this to myself time and time again for things that i impress upon myself as being inherently important or it must do must have in it comes for a wish him it's gotten to the point now where i'm so confident with myself that if i see something where identify something and i do use social media's three d visionary board because i do give people permission to hold me accountable if for example i'm saying i'm going to go after a certain guests that i wished to showcase on radio and in some cases it's taken me two or three years in which for that to materialize but i stick to it because i can so clearly see the outcome and i just have to in present time catch up to it for to align and then it manifest and then boom it's a reality yeah you're tapping into what already exists for you so that's thought in the it that's what you have the thought because every thought that we've ever had already exists it's already happened like we are already that's the whole thing the i am i am i am thirty happen it's already happened it's like i always say it's like watching yourself if you walk into a movie theater and i showed you a movie of your life and i was like all right lisa mcdonald buoy ever life this is everything that's going to happen to you and your life and you're watching it and you're like oh my god i'm gonna meet mazing guy i'm going to get married and i'm gonna have children and then i'm going to have a radio show oh my god and then i'm going to interview oprah oprah winfrey god they're gonna make them won't be of my life and this is going to be a cram mother like in your like business amazing would you ever walk out of that movie and be like oh that's not gonna happen or would you be like i saw it with my own eyes and that's gonna happen will we lived our life that way if we lift our life as if we watch the movie our life when we already know what's going to happen imagine how quickly we could manifest all the things that we want so you're just tapping into that vision you're already seeing what it is you already created and once you move towards that without fear boom it manifest for you it doesn't always take a day a week could take a couple of years but as long as you're not going back into the fear of i can't do this i can't do this and let that doubt and then you can absolutely create those things that have come into your vision because they've already already happened love it absolutely love him and so for the listing audience here laura what would be your top tips nuggets gems that you could impart the listening audience and.

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Three Years discussed on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald

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