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I'm so sorry to hear that. Reason, I, say that is I. Think it's great that a couple can be best friends, but it can be deadly to desire the other person as an erotic object. Now, that may sound weird. 'cause we're object defying our partner, but we have to in a way we have to separate and want that person and that person's body mind soul. Whatever it is that you want, and that might help you as well to stop seeing each other as kind of family. Good friends, besties but lovers, there's a different energy when you show up as lovers does that kind of relate back to what you were saying about when a couple of fights that the tension can be sort of a kickstarter? Yes. Angers a really cool emotion. Most of the time, we look at anger and relationships and we go oh no anger but it's actually a really high energy emotion and it's a push away emotion anger goes out from us even if we don't express it, that's how we feel like lot of. You know under wall. And anger is a way to create separation, but it has to then finish you can't let anger. Fester Erdal kill a relationship. So Y- it's like you know pop. Don't hold back but finished the pop. And I think that fighting is a great way of building passion. Anger is passionate passionate, and that's what you're lacking as well. When you get settled that kind of feeling of words those saddle. It's just not what you want to be sexual and Hungary for each other. I love the idea of Ashley making up a character named Sean work. He just won't stop staring at her tits and you know and it's just so frustrating, Sean, always like staring. I might steal from you I hope. Not Copyrighted. Actually Feel good because that's. Obstacle that you need to create the tension and the resistance and the separation. And it's totally made up, but it doesn't matter because the energies real for sure I. Love the idea of a short skirt though and like little kitten heels to no wonder where or maybe a tiny thong. Chrysler. Excellent fans. And then you just have to be bending over all the time you need to. You know constantly dropping things I can do this. Yes totally. Ashley. Thank you so much. This moves really fun for me to you. Know we're all in this together. It sounds like you're in a relationship that you love and facing the problem and have the courage to talk about the problem that most of us have. So I can't thank you enough for sure. You give me lots of ideas. Good. and just get out of the house at times you know safely. Go take a walk for an hour and be gone yeah. I've been wearing sweats for the last six months to but. I love the idea of like wearing really tight shirts again, just something that makes me aware of my own body. So I can absorb sort of that feeling of my own sexuality to, and you're right Dr Patty that sexuality comes from within and can't be taught or does it have to do with sort of confidence or I mean I don't know shower can be taught will if you adjust to the idea of like I'm..

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