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Nuggets are down by six here. Chris Paul has it at the mid court circle. Paul has it on the high left side against Austin River. Loops it out on top over the pain. Pain gets down the line blocked by Ravel McGee outlet pass off over the quarter quarter. Has it on the high right side gets to the baseline jump shot is up and end. That's his first make of the night with that he is one of six in his first aggressive moved to the night. Good move by Michael Porter Jr. Chris Paul has in the mid Court Circle High pick from Cameron Johnson through the window over to Dario Saric. Kick out over to Paul Loup. Sit in the corner three pointer. Tory Craig and he knocked it all. Michael can't just walked by Chris Paul and let him step in. And now somebody has to come help. Stay in front of Here comes composite high left side over to Austin Rivers. Rivers has it over the composite throws in the painting. McGee leans in layup. No good, but he got fouls. Well, we've said this cause hand foot games and I've done with the key in there. Good, bad or whatever. There's an energy. The interesting game when he's on the floor does absolutely. And with grim protectors. All these little baby layups that guys like Cameron Payne and Devin Booker and Chris Paul and those guys are getting when travels. McGee is in the game, You know, Stop note to self. I better not go in there. Free throw number one by Javale rattles out Played one game in the series. Second free throw for him. He missed that one. And here comes Chris Paul. The other way nuggets within 7 31 24, Chris. Paul has it on behind. Left side. Stutter stepping drive. Great pass through the window to sorry. Oh, my God. Was he afraid of traveled to just reach down? Yeah, hit the rubber on the bottom of the backboard. Austin Rivers down the lane leans in layup is up and No good rebound, fought for and grabbed by Chris Paul. He falls down. He gets bailed out by the end of the official David Guthrie always does that he's going over the limit. He is He's alligators. His first suit first. But the problem still is the same. Scott the Nuggets shooting just 33% from the floor in 22% from downtown 50% from the free throw line. Chris Paul has it grows it off on top over to Dario Sarich. Sorry, chance out behind him. The Cameron Johnson through the window to see Orange had trained on McGee, another foul on level. Dario Sarge will go to the free throw line Endless. I'm not saying this one a foul, but I've always question is when you're an outside guy with the play to your is its back is two years like how can you see it? How do you know that that when he reached him, he got on. Free throw number one form is up and in Thanks. I'm not saying it wasn't a foul. But that's you know, to me, the guy that underneath the basket should be the best view, right? Yeah. Sarge, is averaging seven points and three rebounds in the series. Second free throw. Also good nine point lead here for Phoenix. Here comes composite. Basel has it on the high right side. Pulls it off over the Austin rivers on top to McGee, hands it off to Austin head fake on the three puts it on the floor throws in the corner to composite back to quarter quarter. Guarded by Chris Paul. He backs him up crossover move. Down the line and throws it away. Throws it over to composite. Oh, he knocked at home at the horn. Oh, that's big. This is Chris Paul has it on the high left side nuggets within six here. Was the top of the key to Sarge. Back behind him to Camp Johnson. Three pointer. Got it right back. Michael just absolutely got lost Chase Chris Paul, and then as he's come back to Johnson, just He sees it, but runs dead into the screen. Nine point lead for Phoenix. 9 41 left in the first half round four games Ground two games, which was around around four round to Game four on the altitude radio network. You've got a temper nuggets basketball, the altitude radio network, man. How can.

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