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There's something to be said about thinking of video. Not as like maybe even the final result that has maybe your your source material like what is the thing that you create that will go everywhere else but like how do you start with this first thing. Yeah that is your pillar content of the thing that you create that then creates and goes other places and when you're creating video. I i mean you've done this for a long time so you've now figured out all the different things the nuance of how to speak where to look how to present yourself how to get lighting right so that it looks better how to set up unitary all the things that's a lot and that's intimidating for someone who's just getting started but i think if i think of it as step one like start the process of figuring out how to record your voice and get started with producing content. I think it's a different way to think about it for some people out there. You bring up some really good points there and it kind of brings me back to the four disciplines of video marketing and we call this the video pro system in fact if you search the hashtag video pro you'll find a lot of our stuff. I mean there's some other people that have used the hashtag as well but it's like our core hashtag tag and video pro. What that means is a professional use of video and for some people. That's going to be like a youtube channel that generate subscribers right for others. It's going to be a youtube channel. That generates leads and still for others. It's going to be sort of like you know a video presence that's on multiple platforms even. Igt we believe in a youtube. I like a youtube centric. Right your top down. Content starts on youtube. And then you repurpose that into the other platforms. The reason for that is on facebook. You know three seconds is of you. Let's just kind of time that out for a second ready you click on the video and one two three and you click off. Youtube counts that as of you and you go home. And you're like i got two hundred sixty seven us on facebook today right. You got two hundred and sixty seven people to watch your video for one to three seconds. That's not have you write that in my world view like that's that's someone who just clicked on your video. They may not even have turned on sound yet. So you know on youtube. A view is thirty seconds. So it's literally one view on on. Facebook is worth ten views or one view on youtube is where ten views on facebook. And that's really really important to to consider why. Youtube is so important because people are actually watching your content now. The other part of that is the four disciplines of video marketing the video pro system and when you master these four things the blur of what camera should i get. How do i look better. What do i say. How do i producers who edits it. Where do i share it. What if it doesn't get viewed. How do you get people to watch it. How do you get people to click on your link. All of those sort of confusing things come into very clear focus. And here's the good news. It boils down into four main points. Here they are k. programming production promotion and progress. Okay the video pro system. So programming is the art of knowing what videos. You're going to produce a head of time and what you're going to say in those video videos literally how you structure them right. Because i see what i see. A lot of video creators doing especially business. Creators is going way off the prairie hatred avenue to talk you about x. y. z. And you end up talking about trump and biden in the election. This whole thing and it's like dude. How did you get there. You know what i mean like you. Keep your stuff a scaffolding. Because i promise you this if someone tunes into a video called like how to market your business or how did you seo. I guarantee you. There are not interested in your vegan recipes or your political views right. So you gotta have scaffolding. What do you say. What are you not say. That's the programming discipline the production discipline. What camera light and microphone. Or you're gonna use and if you're filming in front of a window you really don't even need a light. You just gotta make sure you film during during daytime hours right but you gotta have like set up. We recommend a video creation station. This is a three part system right. It's a camera a microphone and a light for example. You know you're looking at my video creation station right now. I film right here every single day. I have other stations as well. That's part of what. I do a youtuber but you only need one right. You could just do a webcam. Alight microphone and being a place where when an email comes in an instant message or a text message comes in. And you go. Oh my gosh that would be a great video right like a question from a client. You can just press record and start. Recording so programming is very very simple. You set up everything in a standard concrete environment so that whenever you sit down you technically film something. So that's production. Promotion is where you share the video right. Like where do you upload and went and then do you share it on facebook and if so where on facebook how often on facebook you know this is i think you use your e mail campaign. Do you share it on instagram. And how right. Every business needs their own specific promotional plan. And it's going to be different for some people i'm going to say. Yeah like you should be sharing this on facebook for other people. I'm going to be like you know. Let's wait a week. See how the video performs and if we need help then we'll share it in some facebook groups. You know that sort of thing so that can change and finally progress right progress or progress as how the video pro system that we kinda came to a little bit of license on that but when you're looking at your progress what you're looking at is did people watch the video. Where did they x out of the video. How long did they watch the video. And what you're looking for really are like right like peaks and dips right and with peaks. You want to do more of that and dips you want to eliminate that so if you do a video where it's talking heads you the whole time and you notice that like people watch for a minute and then it just dips well. That's a good indication that you need to mix up the scenery a little bit right. My point is is that youtube gives you ton of tons of analytics and when you learn what analytics to read and when right because the analytics the first three days of a videos publishing is one thing but after three months you're looking at different analytics now knowing what to look at and when will will affect your programming and you see how it comes right back into full circle so you're programming impacts your production which then impacts where you share the video in promotion. Then you get progress. Reports on your progress helps the impact your programming master. Those four things and youtube is easy and your business grows

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