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Around for their playoff opener with the Hurricanes to start Tuesday night, only to find out it wouldn't actually be played till the next morning, but it was worth the wait. Patrice Bergeron scored the winning goal early in double overtime to give Boston of 43 victory. We know we're playing very good team is about finding a way, you know, we we talked about Specially in overtime. You don't bring the fuck on net and you never know what can happen and you know, obviously, that play unfolded the way it did, and obvious was happy to get it in Game two tonight at eight. Red Sox fell behind by eight and never recovered in a 95 set back to the race three straight losses. Boston will try to salvage this step at 4 30 Some bad news, though. In this shortened season struggling outfielder Andrew Bennett ND is on the injured list with rib cage strain and he'll likely be out longer than 10 days. Celtics will sit all They're top players in today's regular season finale with Wizards at noon. Rest for the playoffs. First round match up with Sixers. Adam Kaufman W B C. Boston's news radio, Right, Adam, Thank you with a 13. Let's take a look at what's happening on the roadways this morning with the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Here's Laurie Grandi. Alright, Jeff, I can only assume that there is a problem with the gravity. The gravitational poll this morning we have another overturned vehicle is in the right hand Lane 95 North. It's right at the Mass New Hampshire state line in Salisbury, So watch out for delays There. Keep it way over to the left hand side that lever connector down round that continues to be a heavy one. In fact, let's check out 93 with Krista Neck in the mob free insurance copter a little quieter over here on 93 that it is a 95 lorry heading out of New Hampshire from Salem down toward for 95 hand over. That's all clear. 18 minutes to get you down to 1 28 and from there another 12 and into downtown Boston. The one thing to watch for is if you're jumping on elaborate down, wrapped in a bunch of brake lights waiting for you over there. Kristen up in the bottom Three insurance copter. Already thanks, Kristin, 20 for North bound, still dealing with some slow moving traffic duty. Earlier issues in rain hand between 45 10 for its slow also enacted. Expect some delays their route to East Vantaa between school Street and the conquered Rotary. If you're travelling on the expressway, it's really not doing too too badly. Today has been a nice spot for it's usually a trouble spot, but it's looking good today between Morrissey Boulevard in Columbia Road, just heavy volume there. Lori granted visas. Traffic on the three increasing sunshine now in Massachusetts, very comfortable are in greater Boston. I should say it's very comfortable here in the city, 78 degrees south of.

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