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Can order online at silver diner dot com and stay with us for free lunch Friday this Friday from silver diner it's coming up on eleven fourteen let's get a check of the markets today with Jeff Clabaugh the Dow is down two hundred twelve point C. as a B. five hundred index is down a half percent money news in ten minutes on WTOP sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank rad and at eleven fifteen years Dave Preston breaking NFL news hall of fame coach don Shula passes away the former Miami Dolphins and Baltimore colts head coach was ninety you want to still record three hundred twenty eight regular season games and led the dolphins to a pair of Super Bowl triumphs including the only unbeaten team in league history Sheila began his coaching career in Baltimore during the nineteen sixties and led the colts to three playoff appearances including Superbowl three the NFL brings its boundaries back a bit in twenty twenty ESPN reporting that the league will call off the international series games in London and Mexico City amid the covered nineteen pandemic the league has been playing games in London since two thousand seven and in Mexico City since twenty sixteen the NBA will be opening practice facilities any earlier than this Friday but the league has been center stage the last three Sunday nights with ESPN's the last dance and while Michael Jordan's high flying heroics remain the sizzle the steak is the defensive talent on that nineteen ninety a bulls team then Chicago centering crumbles radio analyst bill Wennington tells WTOP's Dave Johnson yet Ron Harper Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman was four guys that could literally stop anyone then you throw in Luke Longley if you're trying to secure o'neill and those guys we call the dobermans one around there and was always a rock harbor started without the barking dogs out much more on the sports page WTOP dot com sadly there's nothing about the big east's glory days from the former St John's big man that'll have to wait Dave Preston WTOP sports and still ahead president trump says the coronavirus death toll could have been much worse it's eleven sixteen welcome to the Asbury minute brought to you by Asbury Methodist village Montgomery county's leading senior living community the topic today as very strong the.

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