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On seven twenty WGN. We're back this morning with captain Johncock. So he is with us this morning from the safe operating systems an aviation consultancy in Washington. Captain Cox says while we were chatting here. I found a statement yesterday that the Boeing CEO has put out a letter to passengers and customers and the public talking about safety being at the core of Boeing's mission that the company wants to ensure safe and reliable travel on its airplanes. They have a crisis situation here. And I know that's part of what your company does is deal. With crisis communications, how would you advise Boeing to continue to handle this or not handle this? Well, I think first you have to recognize Boeing has been building. Absolutely outstanding airplanes jet airliners since the late fifties reputation as an capabilities are unquestioned what is going on with the max, it's very very unusual. And I think that the thing that Boeing has to do right now is be very transparent in what we've learned about the situation. What commonalities there may be between these two accidents and the most important part what they're going to do to ensure the safety of the max going forward, but they need to be transparent with it. And I think the reputation will will bear that out part of what they're talking about. What they're doing. Now is getting a software. Upgrade ready for the aircraft. Talked a little bit about bad is it as simple as fixing a modern airplane that all you do is put in a software upgrade. The issues around some of the software that is in one of the flight control computers has been at the core of the investigation since lion air happen. So regardless of what they find with the Ethiopian airplane. Your wasn't agreed need to get make the software update and Boeing along with the FAA have been moving along to get that done. So the software update for the the flight control computer is coming in within a few weeks. Whether that is all they have to do or not we need to find out a little bit more information before making that conclusion the flying public wants wants this to be over. Now, they want answers immediately. And that's how I guess we are generally we wanted the immediate end to these investigations and immediate answers. What would you tell the flying public about not not only just waiting this out for the right answers? But the safety of air travel. The most important thing during the first few days after a tragic accident this patience. Let the investigators gathered the data let it be. We're the issues are and then we'll come up with the conclusions of what needs to be done to ensure the safety of the traveling public recognized aviation is the safest form of transportation ever designed by mankind. And so that that adherence and the commitment to safety is paramount. And but it takes time and it takes time to investigators to do their job thoroughly. And that's what we want them to do. Even though we live in a twenty four hour news cycle and everybody wants answers immediately. In this case patience is a very good. Are you confident that we will find the answers here, absolutely confident? I have no question about it at all the EP OPN investigators all very skilled, they're working with a lot of other highly skilled investigators the initial report from the Indonesians was very very good and very thorough. So I have no question in my mind at all we will find all the issues that these two tragedies brought up and that they'll be corrected cabinet. Cox could've you to be with us this morning. We pre she ate it..

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