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Nine yards east to the right? A book combat and wisher rotate to the right and setup. Book has the ball. Looks to his right throws to the corner of the end zone. That was one of two touchdown catches for miles boykin and Notre Dame's forty four twenty two victory. Over navy last Saturday, he's becoming a big part of this offense of attack for the Irish as they look to remain undefeated tonight and their matchup at northwestern. Joel with you in the network studios. Got more stats for you on boykin over the last four games. The Illinois native has hold in six touchdowns with three hundred and three receiving yards to go along with it. And he's becoming such a star that Jack Nolan has chosen him for tonight's player. Profile. We are here with the leading receiver for the Notre Dame football team miles. Boy, pretty good numbers to share my friend thirty six catches five hundred seventy yards. You've had a touchdown pass in each of the last four games, you have become kind of the go-to guy. What does that mean to you? And how'd you get here? You know, it means a lot to me, obviously, I have a faith and everybody else in receiver. But just put a lot of faith in me. You know thought about Amine in especially in the end zone. A- means a lot to me. I got a quote here from coach Kelly. What I like about him right now is he is a co two guy when opposing defenses bring everybody down in the line of scrimmage and play man to man bump and run coverage. He is a guy that will be able to catch a football down the field. He's a great outlet for us. What does it mean to you that your head coach has such great faith in? You means the world. I mean, obviously know, whomever, faith Amine. My teammates have a faith in me, this huge obviously in heaven faith to be able to throw the ball when he sees tie covers like that. It's a lot. Because obviously, you don't see if you're going to try to stop the run in crowd the box. And you know, when that happens, you gotta be able to relieve the pressure on the quarterback, you know, like just about everybody on this roster. You're star when you came here star in highschool state football champion heavily recruited. Heck today. I came across online at NBC sports, Chicago special. They did on you before you'd even played a game here at Notre Dame about your high school career and you'd come to Notre Dame. Did you feel pressure live up to that? When you've got here not as much press. There's just more excitement. You know? Obviously highest dictation for myself and just wanted to go out and give them all every time. I stepped on the field when I got here. This is a special place, and I think. You know, especially football players can make an infant associated. Is it hard to be patient though to not immediately have that same success because they showed the play when you were a freshman in high school. We're coaching getting in through the in there, and you made this great one handed catch at the one yard line. It didn't come as quickly here. Yeah. No, not at all. I mean, obviously, he come with some of the best players in the country here so times, you know, you gotta wait your turn it on my opportunity and mid most of it. I know your family is very important to you. I don't want to lead you in any direction talk about members of your family and the influence they've had on you. Yeah. Obviously, my mom, first and foremost, you know, she's talking about a lot of my college visits. My dad. You know, what I'm having a tough time in the fulfill. He's the first person I talked to, you know, obviously played football when he was in college. But he's always a great for me when I need someone to talk to him. My brother is my biggest fan. He comes every game. What's a high school with him building, my whole life and just always competed with our life. And so my family was lots of me. Are you your brother's biggest fan because his high school career ended by a concussion and the next year? You are is number and you're still wearing. Yeah. Definitely. He, you know, he bless her with his number just to be able to wear and every time thinking about him, and you know, how he couldn't play anymore, and I think he thinks about it to a little bit. He's living vicariously through me when you were in high school, you're like Notre Dame. How'd you end up here? My quarterback. You know, just said we should go to Notre Dame game this weekend. Since I was a recruit. So I said fine. But like, I'm not driving. And he said, that's fine. I'll drive. He just wanted someone to go with it. I got here my mom got here too. And it was snowing. It was really cold. And then finally we got back in the car, my miles. Well, I know you're not coming here. Say oh, I'm gonna have to come back for another. Visit finally came back Virginia day an offer committed a couple of months later ever since I stepped foot on campus. I knew was a special place as a leader of this football team. Folks, wanna know what you think about what they're talking about today? Do you know what that is? It's you're in the top four of the first playoff, Paul. Do you guys talk about it at all? Does it matter at all? It's funny because you know, last year we talked about a lot like just amongst the team learning in the locker room stuff like that this year. We didn't even watch it. And you know, we were all doing other things. It's almost like that's not important to us right now. There's other things we got to take care of before we get to that you're from a Chicago area. So you get this Notre Dame doesn't play northwestern that often, but it is a rivalry parsegian coach there, they got your back in two thousand fourteen they got you back in the mid nineties last time they played and I think Notre Dame's one of the teams northwestern wants to be badly anytime, they get a chance. So how intense do you expect this game to be a huge? This game is going to be physical. Obviously, you know is a tough team. They've won twelve of the last thirteen big ten games. And they're always a tough team have no matter who they're playing. So the fact that northwestern goes overlook, sometimes is a big mistake. And we're not gonna make that mistake. You know, we know what we're getting nestles into other great team. And it's gonna be a great game. You got your backfield running backs healthy, but they did a heck of a job and Jonathan Taylor holding into less than fifty yards. He's a leading rusher in the country. So Wisconsin last weekend. So it looks like passing game is going to be important again as well. What do you need to do to beat this team? We didn't make contested catches on the perimeter. Obviously, you know, they got a great secondary. And as receiver with to make you know, they're going to be covering the mouse. Thank you very much. Good luck. Thank you. All right. Great a year for miles boykin. He's already registered one big postseason catch in his Irish career who could forget that one handed grab against LSU. For the go ahead score. In the Citrus Bowl on New Year's day. Notre Dame of. Course has bigger aspirins this season as they try to reach the college football playoff and Notre Dame enters the night fourth in the first playoff rankings. When we come back. We'll let you know how the other contending teams are doing with our college football scoreboard that falls this word from UPS high..

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