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I think more than once i changed my plants so instead of traveling to brazil i try In the south there is one Actually at choose small cities that they are really close That is a model cannella. Okay they there in the region where you have a lot of german descendants awhile. Yeah okay i can. I can look at it from the first pictures i can. You can see the german Influence exactly this place is amazing and one thing that it's it's it's nice is that two are actually prepare to receive tourists. Wow 'cause yet like it. If i just pulled up this picture to a regular american our guaranteed ninety nine would never say it was in brazil. Yeah that'll it's at. It's another really really nice place. This is a stone church. Yeah and if you go down you may found a lake a lake. That is the black lake or dark. Lake here have a waterfall. It's really really really nice. Also oh yeah man. That's an so this is really beautiful place out this the lake right here. Yeah yeah jesus mall. One is the lake that the picture is is really bad but right. Yeah but it's it's a place that you can easily go. You know that you have a really nice service and you know that places. Beautiful people is prepared to receive. So this place i would suggest a lot choo choo visit if you have the opportunity to countries you to to the salts yet. That's wild man that does that does not look like the brazil. I would assume most outside of brazil would thank. Yeah that is so so unique that immigrants that came they're made their own and are very very doing very well seemed very vibrant culture. I know happens here quite often more so now it might just be you know. You've got that loud minority that you hear a lot but god forbid like an immigrant comes to america which that's how our country was.

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