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The coffee drinking well listen to Jay especially those expensive when you mentioned the Mo Elvis Spirit being pissed off now did Charlie this is really mad so we went up to Graceland we went through the mansion and we got guys type of stuff but he was very very angry and he wanted us and I wrote a book and did a friends wrong talked about wildest was on the drugs and Elvis wanted the you know liberace's sing and balance at the end of his life he was fighting and in seventy firing a tiger Linda Thompson and her and her her brother pursued that a huge career you know after all that would have just been like John Lennon's lost I do it a couple of different ways I believe it or not used divining rods and believe in high eighty percent accuracy is viewing shows here as well all this but I'm very confident that we're in a deep contact with it's nice all it's not take away then let it stand so the and I have to say the folks that Elvis Presley enterprises remove you're the famous you're thinking of Yuri Geller is that Ray all remember their names but I it's when you mentioned did all right we're probably going to show with Linda Thompson here very soon Thompson and she she said that living with Elvis was a nice abnormal life so you're mentioning kind of these like I said there's there's so many things involved Chris I'm almost at the point now where I'm sure I'm almost certain again I'm in the middle of another book and have done kill the sixty s I know that's a crazy statement I think I have a lot of data to back it up and guessing on once upon a time in Hollywood he's Geller and once talked about earlier coincidentally Larry Geller cut Elvis's air so Larry Geller just say Larry the more of us that die Larry Stories get better because there's no one left wondering about Larry I'm trying to find out if he cut McCartney's here if he cut McCartney's Air Tate House two three days before the quote unquote murders the new ties to Tate's dad who was definitely naval intelligence listen if he's if he kept Paul's Air I got him Chris so production I don't think anybody was killed I really improve that and you drugs rock and Roll Anti Government Anti War hippie movement in one fell swoop we realized and we're divine where sovereign were free and we're GonNa get this thing rolling man action hero and all this sort of thing so what do you happen to to Tate and Polanski and South America after they were allegedly de deep does the Congo that's the eternal question how deep does it really we're getting out of it was the matrix still the form of mind control now you know I'm a slave to the Judas in my mind the Judas of course was much of the gods then why are we you know bowing the need to aren't we rising up and a lot of people save a why won't God do something well except this bill to see it well you know I've I've a youtube channel the Christian whistle blower got my talent there's something is is catching hold and I think people are really starting Martian to come in and it's time to start swimming out meeting that damn thing so when we get the DVD py now app on my phone just open it pick a workout use the standup I liked that a veterans day that's right a DP wide dot com all of the DWI workouts EP Wide Dot Com. I'm on a like Dallas right now after that cowardly attack a few weeks house page you can do it to start today and remember if you are or have served in the US you know covered and of course in in a very You know punchy type of fashion because we were was you know kind of shut down as a as a changing social force and went and did those movies he goes you know becomes liberace with those crazy suits and singing ballads and then are of course ended up dying how was he able to fight out of you know like the great ones and they weren't great Chris but the thing people don't know as he was by so they were stacking money with those movies hits will they you know as I watch Chris the easier it is for me to believe you know we mentioned the Mike Control that led him there but what what was there somebody that was like a and we talked about the M. K. Ultra mind control the different phases of and it was hard Koran and I really think purpose effing Presley why are you doing this get out there and be the ban as you are forgotten about his movie career and how that basically took him out of circulation then but I was just talking it was and you could see how it was you know if you were gonNA try to knock Elvis out ad was the generation of always just hung and then they he showed up who he really was and he converted movies that did actually big ellison love me tender loving you jailhouse rock king right a hit song and what the movie that he'd be okay that was kind of the idea who's put a song out around him and all the western he did Clam Bake he did change of habit he didn't Colonel Parker turned it down that was the last Straw Colonel Barker wanted for murder probably on the Lam for that really I never tell us that story hiring Parker and what what questions you asked me got us to that I was just asking tells the Parker Story Yeah Colonel Parker Ashley to get to the US it died and he was facing manslaughter charges and he could never get a visa at home but could you imagine how huge that would have been seventy eight elvis in but he couldn't because the parker here.

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