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What is on the verge of doing it of landing on the exact right way. You want to do dan as you pointed out. i think that's the frustration with kevin durant. Like if john is weighted any waited any waited and chris middleton got better and if yawn is getting away with chris middleton kevin durant could have one with russel westbrook if he just waited if he was just patient eventually want but you're basically saying that superstars can only live up to your standard of them if they work within the construct of this work environment that we can. All admit is bizarre that the city that you work in his pick for you. You're not allowed to pick it your coworkers pick for you. You're not allowed to stay there and you must stay there and do it in this way. Otherwise it's not really the same and lose but told lose too much lose. You gotta suffer. You have to suffer but don't lose too much because then we're going to crush you there too. I just love what he's giving voice to got. It's really unusual for him to be in a series with kevin durant and call him the best player in the world. This was something are dispute that though right after what we saw. i mean. It's hard but like we talk all the time about irrational confidence. Right like mario chalmers that he was the best player on every court that he was on. We assume that every nba star has confidence particularly the great ones. Right janas says every right to believe this is a league. Mvp every right to believe that he's the best player on every court that he steps on and yet has the humility to say well. Sometimes i'm not and actually it's kind of turned out in these playoffs. If middleton kind of continue to carry them towards the end of games jaanus is probably the. Nba's best number two. Because i think it's kind of been determined that he can't be your one and in terms of his specific skill set and the areas the game in which he struggles you can't rely upon him to get baskets at the end can be your number one. He just might not he might have some limitations that don't make him a closer. He's clearly the best player on that team. That one's not up for dispute. I would never call jaanus a number one but he needs help at the end of games and he seems to know. I'm more marveling at the ideas to got. It's one thing to think it. That kevin durant is better than you are other to say it. He said it. It's one to think that middleton is you're closer it's another thing to publicly give voice to it but to me. I don't think that there's any weakness in the admission. Even though i don't trust the fan base or any fan base with that vulnerability shack always did it for his sidekick shack who could be pretty insecure shack. Always would say. Dwayne wade is the best. Penny hardaway is the best kobe. Bryant is the best. I think it buys you something with middleton to be saying that kind of stuff publicly. If you're a teammate of his but the only way is confidence he feels like he's an equal think middleton necessarily needs read full games he does middleton's. He's got some bad shooting games. He had one earlier earlier in the playoffs. I was i think was game. One against the hawks. He had a terrible shooting gema but it. I'm not even talking about helping with the confidence. Because i think once you get to that level in sport. That's not what i'm talking i'm talking about. That's cool to play with the dude. Who would put his name on that after a game. And when you know how great he is because middleton is nobody's idea of an mvp when when an mvp best in the world type of player is saying no. This is my closer. This is the guy. I trust at the end of games when he says because it wasn't just that says if he asked for the ball he gets the ball when he wants the ball. The ball's his which is just an unusual way for superstar. Talk but you're talking about these guys. Don't need confidence but isn't like janas. Admitting this almost him saying that he does not have a shortage of confidence. But he's not as confident as everyone else on. The court is like acknowledging that someone else can do something better than you is not the height of confidence that you always assume that every nba play every top level athlete has this unwavering confidence right but yoenis admitting these things are not markers of confidence are markers of the opposite. Are they not. I think it's refreshing if a yacht is knows. He's the best player on that team. What he's saying. Is chris middleton. He is better at closing games than i am. He's got more shots. He could hit a step back three. I can't do that stuff. I tried it. I don't and now he's doing. I don't think janas has a confidence problem. I think he is fundamentally hugely aware and knows that he has a weakness knows that he has a limitation that was exposed in his suffering at the end of last season. And so he's saying. I need help over here. It's awareness. more than lack. Confidant kept out and work on the three work on the three work on the three. He's like. hey now. I don't have to work on the three as much. I had middleton. I have drew holiday of other guys. That can do that for me. At the end of the game. I think he's just supremely self aware that he can't shoot right. And like in the end of games. You need to have a jump shot. And he just has no confidence. He can't even hit free. Throws he's gonna hit a three pointer and a in a superclub situation. Is it awareness of like all right. I can't shoot. I gotta give somebody. Who can he suddenly figured out. The free throws out of nowhere though this this thing. I don't know how long he's been doing this. Ten eleven twelve second thing but he is suddenly making free throws in a way. Ben simmons was not always a six or thirteen last night while he can make them at home when he's not being taunton all the atlanta fans all the opposing fans have now kind of recognize that all right you can't really loudly try and get in his head and it appears to work..

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