Smoothie King, Johnny Rockets, Maggiano discussed on The Mark Arum Show


Chicken bacon ranch sub at subway eleven hundred sixty calories i used to get that all the time smoothie king on cares about that i hops country fried steak and eggs that i love fried steak that's gotta be my wife as seventy nine hundred calories oh let her know your day right there you can have that and and a scoop of peanut butter that's that's a lot johnny rockets johnny rockets used be guy when he was a he owned the johnny rockets and buckhead staying i think his name was used to come to my uncle cigar store and he'd bring me food and i give them cigars and used to bring me just shakes and fries and i love johnny rockets back in the day johnny rockets bacon cheddar double seventeen hundred seventy calories we're talking about maggiano's earlier also known as maggiano's he gets pizza pizza chocolate do kado cake that sounds good eighteen hundred calorie share it for a cake pizzeria uno deep dish macaroni and three cheese made without freida sauce jeez louise nine thousand nine hundred ninety here we go chilies another russ excuse me another rest favorite chile's full rack a baby back ribs with shiner bock barbecue sauce fries and cinnamon apples going to be twenty one hundred apples make you healthy don't they twenty three hundred oh the relondo oh here we go back to marjiana's oh wait oh no let me see cheesecake factory you guys have been there menu crispy chicken coastal lead ta i don't even know what that is crispy chicken crispy chicken coastal electa twenty six hundred calories that has more calories than an entire kfc twelve piece bucket get the hell out of here you can have a twelve piece kfc bucket or the crispy chicken costa letter at the cheesecake factory take the toll piecemeal i'm taking the bucket all day laws are back to marzano's the veal porterhouse but healthy dish drizzled.

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