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Public college tuition. He was introduced by Shaun king and other twenty twenty election news, former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper announced today. He will seek the democratic nomination for president. He can Luper served as the mayor of Denver before becoming governor Hickenlooper oversaw a number of progressive policies in Colorado, including the legalization of marijuana in two thousand seventeen he led a bipartisan effort with Ohio Republican governor John casick to stop the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He's been criticized by environmentalists for his relationship with the fossil fuel industry in November Hickenlooper stood against proposition, one twelve in the midterm elections, which would have required companies to place new wills at least twenty five hundred feet from home schools waterways and other areas designated as vulnerable Hickenlooper joins a crowded field of fourteen democratic candidates, and it's the second governor to enter the race following Washington. Governor Jay Inslee announcement last week, and those are some of the headlines, this is democracy. Now democracy now dot or of the Warren peace report, I make good them. A United Nations inquiry has found Isreaeli forces may have committed war crimes and cry. Crimes against humanity by targeting unarmed, children journalists and the disabled and Gaza the report released by the UN Human Rights Council. Thursday looked at Israel's bloody response to weekly great March of return demonstrations launched by Palestinians in Gaza, nearly a year ago targeting Israel's heavily militarized separation barrier. The report found Isreaeli forces have killed one hundred eighty three Palestinians almost all of them with live Nishin, the dead included thirty five children twenty three thousand people were injured including over six thousand shocked by live ammunition. Southie I'll go content chair the UN commission. Mission phone recently got to believe that these Riley security forces committed serious violations of human rights, and international talian. These violations clearly weren't community. Mestigation prosecution. We call on Israel to conduct meaningful investigations into these cities violations and to provide timely chest this reputations. For those killed and injured another member of the UN, independent commission. Sara Hussain described how Israeli forces targeted civilians and journalists and Gaza with seeing that have intentionally short tune dron. They've intentionally shot people disabilities. They've intentionally short journalists. Knowing them to be children people with disabilities in journalists at some of the not all of the children of children, perhaps. But many of them are as Commissioner. Maroon gauges said, the journalists were all marked with Chris that we investigators and the people disabilities said a person a double amputee in a wheelchair person using crutches visibly that and they're being shot at by snipers who also have spot is. Available.

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