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A hard-on for for a couple of months and then loses the hard on and like doesn't care about him and then like a few months off. And then he's like, okay compartment and then he has the heart on again, right? And then it'll go away in a couple of months cuz this is what they do with Corbin all the time. Yeah. Like they'll start to build them up, build them up, and then and then they just take a shit on them and then he nosedives all the way to the bottom of the card again. Yes he like he hands him. The Crown Vics hands of a crowd and he goes yeah. Oh we're still doing this right. Exact course we are. Oh God raining. Plays. So finally Roman Reigns comes out with his bitches. Yeah. Sexy bishes he says this isn't how I thought tonight would go but then Jimmy Uso comes up and asks, his brother, where do you stand Jimmy reminds J of his, I Quit match against Roman. Where J wouldn't say I quit until Roman brought him in the ring and choked him out. Jimmy says you said I quit for me because you love me and, of course, Jimmy telling us wasn't enough so then they show us the highlight of Christ. Yeah, Jimmy tells Roman if it were me, I would have. Never said I quit to you, no matter what brain cells, Jimmy you're still dead. In the past me and your brother moved forward. So fall in line stand with us and acknowledge me. Or you could take your ass home and when you turn on the T you can you're gonna have to explain to your kids while you're sitting there with them watching the tribal Chief and the who. So so Jimmy leaves the ring but Jake goes out to stop him and he says just acknowledge Him so we can get back to doing our thing. Yes, Eric question. So Roman decides who's employed and who gets to wrestle? Yes, he's a GM. Well that was the storyline with the match with Jay Jamison. When I beat you, that was like his stipulation was like, if I beat you you have to fall in line and your whole family has to fall in line or else you're all fired, basically, right? It was the weirdest stipulation you've ever heard, but that was the stipulation. I mean, real life from would be like, yeah, I'll talk to Vince. Okay. I believe you. I believe that exact, I believe you, I believe you, I believe you, seriously. So yeah, then yep. Cesaro attacks rains. J runs into help but Cesaro clotheslines and starts kicking in the corner. So Jimmy gets in the ring to help his brother but he gets a pop-up uppercut. Then Cesaro gives J. The neutralizer name is Jay fucked-up. Yes. And then he grabs Roman and he gives Roman the neutralizer to end the show. Yeah. So you know not a bad ending there. I certainly was surprised that they would let cesare of like standing. Oh yeah. Like he like, you know I was expecting the spear right after he gives jaded writing for like an immediately. He pops up during this trip like blah, blah, blah, blah. Oh, I Stand Tall. Oh, I'm going to lose Sunday, huh. Oh yeah. Yes. Can we laminate this? Just do we know this ranking? Show people that this was real. How easily you'd beat up all three of these guys on Sunday is going to murder you off. Yes, I guess so. Yeah, opens with Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax and Shayna baszler vs. Oscar, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooks Six. Women tag top, right? Like just like birth Like I was speaking about. We didn't get any more storytime. No, more story time from Alistair. Oh, he's gone. He's done. Yeah, there's a 35% chance. We'll never hear from him again. Yes. Yeah. We'll never know how the story ends. I'll take that bet. I'll bet I'll bet my money right now. The dollar bets anyone? Yeah. So yeah, mid match. All six thousand, getting the ring and start yelling at each other. Yeah, yeah. Fighting now. Yeah, there's a match going on. Right. But instead, they're just getting the ring to yell at each other. Yes, women's wrestling. That's it off. Like then all of a sudden Alexa and her playground magically appear on the stage. Alexis says, Lily wanted to come out here to keep an eye on someone and then she laughed. At the end of the match Shana randomly hurt and sold her left knee. And then she fell on her right knee. So she fucked that up. Yeah. Yep. And then ask you hit The Shining wizard for the win. I thought that was a weird thing to do. Do that just didn't make sense know. Yeah. And then Charlotte Gabe asked a big boot right after the match and then Alexa Laughs Again. So it's either Osco or Charlotte cuz the other two are in tag teams and they're not breaking them up anytime soon. And now I'm thinking it's Charlotte's. Yeah, I'm sure you know, cuz I don't know if you could do this whole program but just ask a screaming in Japanese but I think it's Charlotte they're trying to do the same thing off. Like Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton you know like Charlotte's the Randy Orton cuz maybe her a long time ago. So and then Charlotte's going to set Alexisonfire like SummerSlam. Yeah and then Lily is going to realize she doesn't need Alexa what is Alexa? She's probably a heel right now. Right. Right. Who fucking knows or cares? Yeah. Well then I think then Lily has her own puppet know, but who was the heel and Orton and, and bring Wyatt. It was like, Bray Wyatt was the face, right? It was Bray and then it was Orton. That's the thing. Like, depending on the paper bill each month, Extends. Yeah, if it makes sense. None of this makes sense now. So, next up, we have Jeff Hardy. Welcome back. Welcome back, welcome back. Yeah, that's right. He was on Smackdown. Wasn't he? Who fucking knows. It's been so long you know, and he's facing off against journeyman. Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back wages. Are you it's a former WWE Champion guys. Do that guy. Yes, the guy who destroyed? Randy, Orton and sixth grade pay-per-views. Well, in that case bottom right I like how long haul Legend grows. Six straight pay-per-views. Yeah no. Eight years he beat him. Yeah. Eight years straight right. Yeah they main event at WrestleMania and he's not going to seconds in one paper. He beat Orton shinsky Nakamura AJ Styles. Yeah yeah. So anyway small cuts the backstage promo for the match and he replaced the Singh Brothers. Yeah. With two big guys named fear and schanke. Smart move. Yeah. Yeah. Song. The best way to kiss up to wait, wait, wait. You're going to sit there with a straight face and tell me that a guy in his stable? His name is shanky, shanky. Yeah, schanke. Originally, thought to be a part of Retribution but then retribution said that name's not stupid enough to believe it or not. So you can't be with us, it almost makes sense. You're like, a prison guard. You have a shank, right? I know you just made that up, but I I totally believe one hundred percent and saw that he upgraded from two little guys. The two big guys. He said I love you. Yeah, that's right. You go down or maybe he thought, like, he injected, the Singh Brothers, like with steroids and they, they turned out to be like, to Baines or something, you know? Yeah. It was like, just go ahead and fill them with bullets and, you know, and then he was like, bottom left home. Yeah. Yeah. Vin saw these two guys. One of them was a part of in do share and honesty, right? The one who didn't leak there. One that did the one who did I do? This. Well, this is the guy that was the baseball player. I know that. Okay. Yeah. He's Veer the other random guy shanky. Shanky when, when dinner came back and actually had two young guys with him, right? I was like impossible. So apparently this was the same exact match that they had on Main Event last week and Mahal wins with the Colossus and just a few minutes, okay. Yeah. Thank you Jeff Hardy. See you in a ew, real soon. God, right. Well, maybe I think he's got a contract. Yeah..

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