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It's all right hi guys. We haven't argument over the countdown to hit record. Every time i here this is how it goes. I go all right lord. Okay so we have to record on different recorders because we're on different sides of the country so we have to sink it up so that our tracks are aligned for editor and every time i'm about to hit record i go all right. Ready for the countdown. One shoe and the lauren goes one one like like at least like a second after they to. I'm like no you're not with me. You guys maybe we be funnier if you could see and understand this. But isn't that the worst china. It's such a funny joke and you're like oh you had to be there already to deepen laughing your own shit. We just had. We'd have many lives just now before hitting record so now's got a very interesting tests message where we do every time a podcast begins. We like cats up for like ten minutes in every during every conversation that comes up in that ten minutes every point. I'm like no pockets. So we have to say this podcast Hit record for because nasr was she just received a tax and it. I goes nass that she goes. Who is this. And then he says he he Hotel french fries and salad and she goes what and then he says. Want some fries. We have made out and then she goes. I'm so confused. Who is this okay. So what was the last time you had fries and first of all as a classic hotel order the frying salad there. You go so last time. I was at a hotel. I was at the santa monica proper. And i'm trying to remember. Beverly wilshire week. Beverly hilton. I've ever hilton. But i didn't. I wasn't like hanging there. I was like working fries and a salad delivered. No did you say like. Oh i could really go for fries nfl. Like i mean. Sal it all the time. I think we all say this is a samsung or something grew. Yeah it's green. I so with someone who is weird. Some of arias. Everyone calmed down. It's a joke about samsung offended or an android so it wasn't been the santa monica proper which is last year or the sunset tower hotel. I only stayed in a hotel twice last year. And i'm trying to remember those anyone at the pool anyone. You would've made out with that you've met. Did you meet a guy at a bar. No was that bar been living endemic. What about a q. Bellhop know what is bellhop. Actually the one thousand nine hundred twenty. You not allowed to call a bellhop anymore. I'm not in the grand. Budapest hotel this guy just goes. Ll will clearly this. As best smile ever. I am so creeped delaware. He saw you in that dress last night. Yes he is like these people coming out of the woodworks anybody else come out the learning out dress. We're talking about golden globes dress. Nobody which is hilarious. Because i could say this to you. And i don't care that i'm broadcasting this but whenever and i think every woman knows this feeling when you post a picture that you know is like fire specifically searched specific news under likes to see certain people not good nobody no. It's great it's great. I've cleared all the bad energy and my life. I am moving forward. it's totally. It's so great but.

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